Last week, at the Park St. George, director of marketing for Corinthians showed a type of shirt that will show the real face of the fans.

It will be used in the last round of Series B, November 29th, against America de Natal.  

The white shirt will be filled with 400 photos of Corinthians fans in black & white pictures.  

To have a photo on the shirt, supporters will have to pay around 320 GBP  and only 400 spaces will be available.




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  1. fsc

i think this is a great idea..!<br /><br />Smarties

  1. fsc

If (part of) the money goes to charity... GREAT idea<br />If not... Terrible

  1. fsc

That\'s dope!<br /><br />and I agree w/ Sincerinho

  1. Peter Bi

wonder why there are same pictures.

  1. fsc

Brilliant. Looks ok too.

  1. fsc
  1. fsc

:evil: :huh: :unsure: :side: :P :woohoo: :shock: :whistle:

  1. fsc

IMHO, it looks like those obituaries your see in papers. <br /><br />the neck cutting looks weird tho.<br /><br />400 photos ... ... hmmm i doubt they can fit 400 faces in one jersey.

  1. fsc

WANTED...for murder, arson, terrorism, etc.<br /><br />Or maybe it\'s a bit \"TiM?

  1. fsc

ESPECTACULAR! Parabens ao corinthians por esta iniciativa fantastica! viva o Sporting Clube de Portugal!

  1. fsc

:-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s

  1. fsc

Inverness did the same thing for the away shirt last year, but used fans names istead of photos, so it looked a lot more classy and less like a cheap stag-night t-shirt.

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

I\'m Corinthians Supporter, and I Thank God that this shirt was worn only in one game.<br />Very Ugly Shirt, they should have done a shirt with the names of the fans, would look prettier.


i just saw an actualy physical kit, a friend of mine has pinched one from a factory and re produced many fro the black market here in south east asia. its very similar to this, only difference is it is not STC, it is saudi telecom with the swoosh logo on the left of the writing. no red devil on the collar and the collar design is like apolo shirt, similar to last season liverpool, or this season AC milan away. the &#039;V&#039; doesnt have the funny thigns on the top, just a regular V

  1. Torgeir Helgen

that&#039;s the best v-kit i&#039;ve seen so far.

  1. fsc

For <br />us <br />poor<br />people <br />By <br />us <br />poor <br />people.<br /><br />simple. poor. second division.

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