Parma FC played the game against Vicenza in a celebrative shirt. The erreà shirt template is based on the 89-90 Umbro shirt, worn by Parma in the year of its 1st promotion to serie A.

A fitting way to celebrate their coming back to serie A!

Thanks to FDV











the 89-90 Parma shirt, is one of the reason why I fell in love with football shirts in early almost 20 years ago.
I have it in my collection,more precisely I have the 90-91 shirt, same template but different collar.
I think this is the best way the had for celebrate their coming back in serie A.


The shorts.. in neither pic suit the shirt. Parma had better shirts when they had the likes of Zola and Brolin, and were flying high in Europe, but this shirt is to celebrate promotion.

The striped sleeves are great, and make for a nice shirt.


Awesome shirt, Errea! Excellent choice (could have went for a obvious yellow/blue home kit, but chose a 90s classic) and smart product. I may actually prefer this to the original (is that wrong?)

This is the second \'retro\' shirt Errea seem to have launched (Burnley\'s 09/10 kit being the other I know of) and botha are pretty good efforts

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