Earlier this year Umbro Ireland have reached an agreement with Action Breast Cancer Ireland along with Shamrock Rovers FC and Bohemians FC regarding Pink kits for this 2009 season.

You may remember that there were 500 jerseys each for both clubs which was raising 10,000 Euro for Action Breast Cancer Ireland.

Both kits went on sale on last Friday, and have been flying off the shelves with Shamrock Rovers having less than 50 jerseys left now. Both clubs web stores are selling the kits along with the website.










the blonde one.

I like very much the idea of the football shirt as a vehicle of a similar campaign.

It would be very interesting to do something similar for a environmental campaign,
with a kit design contest ,with shirts recalling the idea of environmental responsibility


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Since about 90% of football fans are male, I think it would be nice if a football team did something for to raise awareness of cancers that kill thousands of men every year, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Just a thought. :-)

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