The new Manchester City 09/10 third kit has been officially unveiled last week. Many City fans have been waiting for the full unveiling of the kit and they won't be disappointed. The kit goes back to the Seventies and is probably best described as a ‘classic remastered’. kit designer, David Blanch, definitely thinks so:

"The third kit is something that I believe is very special. It’s a modern interpretation Of City’s original sash design. However, we have moved the sash design to the other side. One of the reasons for doing this is that we wanted to draw attention to the crest, and this was done with the full support of the club and the club’s sponsor, Ethiad.

It was important that the sash did not distract from the crest but instead created a frame for the crest. If we did it the other way the diamond would dominate and this wasn’t something we wanted to do. Sure, we could have moved the crest over to its original position but we felt it was important to keep the crest where it belongs - above the heart. With the sponsor, we wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t interfere with the sash. For the last decade, or so, any shirt with a design across the front is compromised with a space where the sponsor sits. Well this is a pure football kit and the sponsor - whether it is a brand or a manufacturer - should look to compliment the kit. By placing the sponsor under the crest and not breaking the sash, we’ve blended contemporary with traditional design. This goes to show that innovation isn’t always about technology.

When I look at the final product, I’m really pleased because it makes such a statement. It stands out from the crowd - globally as well as domestically - in a way we haven’t seen for years. I’d like to think that this kit demonstrates that a sponsor can enhance a design rather than compromise it.”













someones touchy :lol:
Idk if this is what he meant, but in the original, everything is switched. The crest, the umbro logo, and the sash. I wonder why they didn\'t switch everything for this kit. It would have been something different from the logo on the left, crest on the right that most clubs use


WOW, imagine what an England Shirt of this kind would look like?

A red-white sash on a white shirt?

Honestly i do quite often criticize the current shirt designs, no matter if Adidas, Nike, Umbor, Pumo or whatever. But this one is fantastic.

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