Miss Worcester, Leanne Groutage, launched Worcester City's new kits made by Macron for the 2009/10 season at Saint George's Lane.

The bottom picture shows Leanne modelling, on the left, the away kit and, on the right, the home kit. The kit, manufactured by Macron, has been supplied by West Wales Print & Sports.

The shirt fronts carry the logo of M. Pinches & Sons Ltd who remain as shirt sponsors for the fifth year. The club is grateful for their continued support and loyalty in this extremely difficult economic climate.

The backs of the shirts show the npower logo. The club is also greatly appreciative of their support as club sponsors. Kevin Peake, marketing director at npower, said “npower has a proud history of supporting sports in Worcester at all levels through rugby, cricket, basketball and football. We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of Worcester City Football Club, encouraging more local children to participate in sport to reap the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.”





Comments (21)

  1. Willie Henderson

Nice and plain, like it.

  1. fsc

Away shirt looks like a Leeds shirt from the last few years but is ok. I like the home shirt, particularlty the off centre stripes but the shorts and socks (how plain?) look pretty cheap on both kits.

  1. fsc

but the jersey is so-so. what i expecr from macron

  1. fsc

Not too sure about the bird, looks a bit plastic. Still, lets have more girls doing this :evil: <br /><br />The kits look good, as the previous comment said, the sponsor looks like Sunday League stuff....

  1. LECART Anthony

both are cute

  1. Chris

What the heck is going on with those stripes? It looks all lopsided.

  1. fsc
  1. fsc

absolutely girlish

  1. fsc

i play for there ladies team and am pretty happy with the new kit

  1. fsc

I love the way every single dog**** team gets fit girls to make the kit look better but they still cant get away from the fact that they will never be in the Premiership

  1. fsc

Sorry guys, but whilst not my type at all I think that your purile insults are pathetic. Whilst not a fan of the glamour \" miss \" poodle show thing she doesn\'t deserve those crap comments. Comment on the kit, if you don\'t like it say so but leave the lass alone, she is, after all someone\'s daughter.<br /><br />As for mr anonymous who would use the kit to wipe her clean, stick to tissues mate, it\'s probably all you get near anyway.

  1. Gaz

The girl\'s about as fake as a £2 note.<br /><br />Kit\'s not bad - wouldn\'t expect anything special given their status.

  1. fsc

ahhhh well........<br />1) home kit = the classical \"innovation\" gone wrong that therefore sucks balls, so much so that....<br />2) the mannequin looks even cheaper than \"her\" papier mache/cardboard tiara<br />3) however, away kit looks pretty decent

  1. fsc

:-x macron merda

  1. fsc

Nice tiara...

  1. fsc

I would make that bird\'s arsehole look like the inside of a jam jar lid. :cheer:

  1. fsc

I would lick her pussy.

  1. fsc

girl looks like she\'s abt to star in her first low-budget porno. kit wise, nothing special as expected from macron

  1. fsc

The away shirt looks like the leeds shirt and the home shirt with the off centre shirt is like the swansea city promotion season 3rd kit only that was green and black

  1. fsc

I\'d give it one............ and the kit none!

  1. fsc

why do lower league teams allways have a cheap fugly bimbo modeling there kits

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