Puma has unveiled the 2010 Football Kits for the eleven African teams it sponsors: Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Egypt, Tunisia, Namibia, Morocco, Angola, Senegal and Togo.

These are the new Togo 10/12 home and away football shirts made by Puma, which will be available through the FSC Shop.

"In 2010, Africa will be the center of attention with the Orange African Cup of Nations Angola 2010(TM) in January leading up to the World Cup in South Africa. With a powerful portfolio of eleven PUMA-sponsored African national teams, PUMA is already the most visible football brand in the Continent," said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO, PUMA AG. "We have enjoyed more than a decade of close partnership and collaboration with African football federations. Africa has a great deal to offer the international football community; next year's major tournaments will provide the perfect stage and PUMA is very proud to be a part of them."

 Puma reprieves its role as one of the most innovative football kit suppliers, delivering home and away kits for its 11 African teams, which push the boundaries of technology and design. Making a bold statement, the jerseys are contoured to deliver a snug body fit that accentuates the players' musculature.

Constructed from moisture-wicking Power Mesh, the jerseys feature a proprietary engineered mesh panel across the back, which allows for maximum movement and breathability. A Kinte pattern, inspired by traditional African fabrics, was applied to this back panel. Additionally, a unique brush-stroke effect, mimicking fans' body paint, creates the decorative stripes on most of the away jerseys and the players' names and numbers on the back.

Official team crests are positioned on the upper right quadrant of the shirt, while select teams showcase the iconic symbol that represents their team country on the left hand side close to the heart.

In addition to supplying the home and away kits for the National Teams, PUMA will also produce licensed replica kits and fan wear, available to consumers as of October 10, 2009 at select wholesale partners.




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  1. Paul - curswine

This plagiarism really has got to stop!

  1. Moreno Kundert

Great Anderlecht kit..........

  1. Dylan Keenan

i never said that i made all these kits! :no: <br />people slate me for designing my kits this way, but i have no other way of deisning them! - can a 14 year old boy not have any fun now-a-days? <br />:cry::

  1. Paul - curswine

Dylan, just make your kits any other way than stealing someone else&#039;s hard work which they may have spent hours on.<br /><br />Or if you want to make them this way just don&#039;t post them on the internet and keep them to yourself.

  1. Dylan Keenan

but that is the whole idea of making them!<br />i used to spend hours drawing my designs on paper then i found a new way of designing them - on here!<br />but then people started hating my designs! :cry:: i give up! - what is joy if it brings you sadness?

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Well, post your designs on paper here. Just scan them in! I did, and so have a few people as well. One hand drawn design is worth a million of these plagiarised kits.:smile:

  1. Dylan Keenan

ok - i might try that, but for the moment can everyone stop calling them &quot;plagiarised&quot; kits please - even if they are! - it makes me feel like a criminal, when i&#039;m not! :cry::

  1. Guest

You just copy and pasted Anderlecht&#039;s kit from colours of football and put Fiorentina&#039;s badge on it, <br /><br />You couldn&#039;t even change the sponsors, you really need to stop it, because your making out that you created all of these kits you post, but your just taking them off another site.

  1. fsc


  1. fsc


  1. fsc

To work with the other African Puma shirts shouldn\'t these have a shadow print cock in the corner to represent Adebayor?

  1. Jose

Nice shade of green!<br /><br />It would be funny if they place the eagle above the puma, trying to cath it.

  1. fsc

Looks like something girls would wear to dance classes....should suit Adebayor then. If he can be arsed to turn up

  1. fsc

dont like them.<br /><br />the other african countries have so much more creativitiy in there kits.

  1. fsc

More than a little feminine. <br /><br />To-go home!

  1. fsc

wtf all the puma kits look exactly the same

  1. fsc

wheres the bullet holes?

  1. fsc

[quote name=""]wheres the bullet holes?[/quote]<br /><br />what a twat u are... know what karma means?

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