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  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Very nice, always thought that there should be a second colour on the yellow submarine shirt. Nice adaption of the twin horned shirt as well.

  1. Paul - curswine

Their should be a little but that&#039;s too much in my opinion.<br /><br />I preferred it when they just had the odd blue line like in their Kelme days

  1. fsc

simple and nice shirt...! ;-)

  1. janek

although it looks quite a lot like the 2008 brazil-kit i like it. <br />that diamond-pattern looks great.

  1. fsc

This shirt is so hot!!! Simple, classy, with a great collar. So far some of the best shirts I've seen this season are from teams of the J-League. <br /><br />Tokio FC's kits were truly awesome and now this one is quite a stunner.

  1. fsc

Thats really old school. I hope Arsenal get this template for their new home shirt

  1. fsc

This looks great. Better than any Nike kit I've seen so far for the world cup. But I am a 'retro-sxxual.'

  1. Gaz

Love that shirt, very retro, no frills, simple - great.<br /><br />Am getting fed-up of Nike's retro-style kits though, seen it all before!

  1. ChucklingChuck

Indeed, it's a very stylish shirt with nice argyle design. I'd buy it just for that!<br /><br />Smart use of diamond patterns to make it feel unique to the team. Gk shirt should look even sweeter with the diamond print. <br /><br />10/10

  1. fsc

isn't the number-font the same as turkish-national-team has?!<br />well, this kit is ok. nothing really special or ugly...

  1. fsc

Once again footballshirtculture manages to round up some non-sensible replies.<br /><br />"the diamond-patter looks great; smart use of diamond patterns to make it feel unique to the team"? That's the mitsubishi logo, it's there because they're part of their shirt sponsorship. It's not some design nike came up with.<br /><br />Gazhorn - you love the shirt because it's retro yet you're saying you're fed up with retro kits. That's an oxymoron.

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