england 2010 umbro away kit

Aitor Throup, the conceptual designer behind the new England 2010 away kit, tells us about the concept behind the kit itself in this Umbro video.

"We wanted to make this shirt as comfortable as possible. It’s only about ’66 in a visual context, it’s really more about the new design language that we’re inventing. For instance, the collar on the ’66 shirt was a high crew neck, which was quite uncomfortable. If you look at this shirt, from the side, it’s actually higher at the back than the front, so it ventilates much more easily and is much more comfortable.

If you take the principles of the ’66 shirt and that era, there’s a real design restraint to it all. If you take that approach, but on a modern form, you can get to some really new and interesting places.”

England Away Kit 2010 - Design Philosophy

In this video you'll see conceptual designer Aitor Throup, using a unique 3D form constructed specifically for this task. The finished piece combines a smart aesthetic with strong performance-driven technology.


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  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Nice. I would have used Royal blue instead of navy though, but it still looks nice

  1. fsc

Now I didn't watch the videos yet, but shouldn't the design philosophy be the same as the white jersey just make it red. Now umbro is going a little over board. I enjoy seeing the whole creative process, but one time is enough.

  1. fsc

Umbro is taking this a bit far don't you think its just a kit we get it.

  1. fsc

Why the fuck do the English keep harping back to'66 as if its gonna help them win it again 44 years later, Concentrate on your team now and you might stand a chance....but I doubt it lol Come on Scotland yay.

  1. fsc

Its impossible to get a shirt to move perfectly with your body, you will always be moving inside of it, skin tight is the closest it will get, I like the simplicity of the new designs but i feel that they are reaching for something that cant much go further it must be a marketing scene to boost sales and reputation. One thing i admire is the sizing which is a bit more broken down in smaller components then the standard s,m,l,xl

  1. fsc

using different faberics for different parts of the body isnt new. under armour already have used this for their under garmets but umbro puts class into technology, great job umbro, hopefully theyll pass it on to nike

  1. fsc

I agree Rob, marketing. I do like the sizing. If you watch the videos from when they released the first home jersey it's amazing how they truly tailored it for each player. I just don't like how there putting out more videos for the away jersey. I would think the only change is color.<br /><br />Now all they need to do is find a new captain. <br /><br />http://www.umbro.com/england/#/?country=en&;page=home

  1. fsc

Are all the England players hunchbacked? There must be a serious posture problem by the looks of those mannequins.

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