This is the new Cameroon 10/12 football shirt made by Puma. This shirt will be worn at the upcoming African cup of Nations and will be available through the FSC Shop soon.

The 2010 African Cup of Nations will be the 27th edition of the African Cup of Nations, the football championship of Africa (CAF). It will be hosted by Angola.

The group phase matches will take place from January 10–21, followed by the second stage set for January 24-25. The semi-finals have been fixed for Thursday, January 28 in Luanda and Benguela, with the third place match slated for Benguela two days later.

Luanda will host the final on Sunday, January 31. The tournament will see 32 matches played overall. Egypt are the current holders of the African title.





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Comments (10)

  1. James

i actually think this is the worst one i've seen...

  1. Kane Spill

OMG ur third kit was nice mate but wat the HELL happened here!!! no offence 1 of the worst i have seen and normally urs are good <br /><br />Sorry Mate<br /><br />PLEASE CHECK OUT MY KITS AND LEAVE A COMMENT OR VOTE<br /><br />THANK YOU

  1. Guest

Piece of designing genius right there...

  1. Guest

Life is not Good looking at your shitty imagination for nice kits.<br />slit your wrists you chopper

  1. Aby

You gotta be kidding me. You ain&#039;t got any imagination dude. I&#039;ve seen all your works SUCK !!! Seriously should quit making kits ...

  1. Gaz

Not much different from the previous one, plain, simple, minimal fuss. Nice changes to the badge and Indomitable Lions crest though.<br /><br />I\'m guessing every Puma-supplied team will be wearing this template come next June.

  1. fsc

PUMA warehouse manager \' I have loads of that old template in the warehouse in green , red and white boss what shall I do with them\'<br />Boss don\'t worry its the African cup of Nations soon they\'ll think this is a new design and buy the lot between them the gulliable so an so\'s..<br /><br />Zero for innovation

  1. Gaz

Or<br /><br />Puma design director: <br /><br />- How are those great new templates for next season coming along, are they going to be great, innovative, inventive designs? Will there be new space-age materials that will evaporate sweat quicker and more efficient than those Formotion shirts from Mr. Dassler? Will our new kits be so fantastically popular - every team will want to sign a 10 year multi-million pound deal with us? Bwah hah haaaaaaaaaaa!<br /><br />Puma design apprentice: (chewing on a piece of gum). <br /><br />- Nah, same as last time!<br /><br />Puma Design Director:<br /><br />- Oh, alright then! Carry on!

  1. Paul - curswine

Puma tried inventive and innovative but that got Cameroon penalised.<br /><br />Really give it a shot yourself trying to come up with something that is really different, yet traditional and that Mr. Blatter\'s mob won\'t reduce you points for.

  1. fsc

That\'s true. FIFA penalised cameroon for having the sleeveless puma jersey back in 2004. I don\'t think you\'d be motivated to be inventive after that. This new jersey design is TOO SIMPLE. NOT CREATIVE AT ALLLLLL.

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