This is the new Ivory Coast 10/12 football shirt made by Puma. This shirt will be worn at the upcoming African cup of Nations and will be available through the FSC Shop soon.

The 2010 African Cup of Nations will be the 27th edition of the African Cup of Nations, the football championship of Africa (CAF). It will be hosted by Angola.

The group phase matches will take place from January 10–21, followed by the second stage set for January 24-25. The semi-finals have been fixed for Thursday, January 28 in Luanda and Benguela, with the third place match slated for Benguela two days later.

Luanda will host the final on Sunday, January 31. The tournament will see 32 matches played overall. Egypt are the current holders of the African title.




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  1. Guest

the home and away class too much

  1. Enrico C.

Burdisso, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Crespo and Cruz would love the third one! :-)

  1. Guest

very nice away new and europe third shirt is a clasic model but cool

  1. Gaz

Not bad - identical to the Cameroon, Ghana and Morocco kits.<br /><br />Kike I said in a previous post - I\'m guessing all Puma-supplied teams at the World Cup except Italy will be wearing this design. Quite boring really, mind you I remember at Italia \'90 most teams were adidas-supplied, but their kits all differed from each other with the exception of...<br /><br />Egypt-Cameroon - wore the same template<br /><br />Romania-USA the same<br /><br />USSR-Czechoslovakia wore the same template.

  1. Gaz

Kike - *Like.

  1. fsc

PUMA warehouse manager \' boss I;ve found some orange ones too\' Don\'t worry Ivory Coast will fall for that as well !<br />By the look of that picture there are a lot of this template being shipped out at the moment....very average !

  1. fsc

When Ivory Coast have their national team badge?. Maybe this is a fake..

  1. fsc

i bet this took them 17 minutes to be designed and manufactured

  1. fsc

Sorry I haven\'t been around for a while.<br /><br />Are we sure that these are really what the shirts are going to be like. This looks very much like a block photo of a sample room that someone has cut up and sent in for each country.<br /><br />It would not suprise me if Puma has gone down this route (see all the pro clubs with the \'V\' insert) but I am not convinced.

  1. Paul - curswine

Yeah they are photos from a stock room but they are real, I know this from the Togo FA, Puma have been trying to get them to agree to change their logo for the ANC but they have rejected the proposals but it appears Cameroon and Ivory Coast have agree to Puma\'s changes, although I don\'t know if there will be used as FA logos too.

  1. LECART Anthony

I won\'t post it everytime,but I feel all Puma\'s African shirts poor and without identity.They have all the same tamplate and it is too visible especially when they play together the African cup,like this winter :whistle:

  1. ahmed ghazi

If someone has access to Puma Egypt jackets please let me know. I want all of them (padded, coach, half-zip..) everything

  1. fsc

crap pics :eek:

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