notts county 150th years football shirt

Notts County are delighted to announce that the specially commissioned 150th Anniversary shirt has been chosen as the design for next season's first team home kit.

The limited edition shirt, manufactured by Fila, is based on the club's traditional black & white stripes worn so proudly over the years. The shirt incorporates the names of season ticket holders who purchased their tickets for the 2011-12 season early

Director Aileen Trew and Retail Manager Lynn Lawson had already been working on plans to implement the new design as the first team kit for next season, after seeing the initial prototype several months ago.

Mrs Trew explained: "I am delighted with the quality and design of this shirt, there are so many elements that come together to make a truly memorable football shirt, worthy of our 150th Anniversary year.

"It's been a long hard road, but after opting for the traditional black and white stripes and working hard with the guys at JD Sports to get a design that worked for us, I couldn't be happier with the finished product," added Mrs Trew.

"When we first saw the design that has now been brought to production, we knew that it would be popular and we started looking into the feasibility of having it as our home shirt for the 2012/13 campaign and I am delighted that we have been able to secure that, because I believe that this is a shirt that every Notts fan will want to own."

Those that opted to pre-order the shirt, at a discounted rate, before the deadline, can collect them from 10am on Thursday, January 19, at the club shop, with the remaining stock from the initial delivery due to go on sale from Monday, January 30.

Those not able to purchase a shirt in the initial sales period will now be able to get their hands on the iconic design when they go on general sale later in the year.

Retail Manager Lynn Lawson, said of the new shirt: "We have already had so many enquiries about the shirt, it's proved really popular and it's great that we're now going to be wearing this shirt as our first team kit next season."

Fila, established in 1911 & exclusive to JD Sports, have a heritage few can dispute producing the finest sporting goods. This special commemorative shirt is no different as it marks a special landmark in the club's history.

Guy Walker, JD Sports Head of Football, said: "We are delighted to be able to share in such a special occasion with the club and hope everyone can be proud of the shirt to celebrate it. We are proud to supply Notts County Football Club and wish it every success in its 150th anniversary year".








Probably not, knowing any club from that division it will be something totally off color and hideous if not way too large or strangely shaped. lol

Shame though if it were because that kit is brilliant.


I have been a Notts fan most of my life and have had season tickets, for the past two years I've been in a job that sees me work EVERY Saturday, so, due to the mid-week matches not being plenty enough to warrant it, I haven't bought a season ticket (the decision to do this came with just a few weeks to go before you could get your name on there). I almost missed out on Man City tickets last season and haven't my name on this shirt, when others have. It's a nice idea but doesn't reward 'fans' but those with enough money. Where I worked several Notts fans on the dole would come in and it would amaze me that they can afford it, but the have their names on there and I don't. I'm not bitter, I just think they could have done it better; like using old players' and managers' names.


Yes, our second-string (for the main part) drew with Juve in a nothing match. I suggest you expand your footballing knowledge as I know of not one Notts fan who would ever believe that we are, in fact, the best team in the world, irrespective of that showpiece game.

المتأنق ، أن نكون صادق


Personally, I believe anniversary shirts should echo a distinctive shirt of the past, it would have been a chance to introduce on of those old shirts (perhaps as an away shirt) such as the orange and black thin hoops (our first recorded shirt) or the black and white hoops, the white with black V OR a take on the centenary shirt which was simplistic and beautiful. The best anniversary shirt I've seen for design and material was Atleti's, I would have liked this shirt to be THAT good.

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