AIK Stockholm 2012 adidas home football shirt

AIK Stockholm revealed the new 2012 home football shirt made by Adidas.

AIK's home colours are black and yellow, AIK's crest is dark blue (not black), yellow and gold. Creator of the crest was Fritz Carlsson-Carling, a runner and football player who won a contest where the award was to design a new crest for AIK. He wanted the crest to convey four basic values: tradition, force, glory and joy.

Thanks to Jesper

AIK Stockholm 2012 Adidas Home Football Shirt







You are right. However "Formotion" shirts are usually only available to players, unless on eBay. Most longsleeve shirts are player shirts, hence they are Formotion shirts.

CLIMACOOL? Formation the best! ;-)


Quoting U mad bro?:
Football kits are designed to be a footballer in, not a fashion model :P

Hello, are you from the past? Design is for everyone and creativity should be encouraged. Especially in these "body beautiful" days when sportsmen ARE modelling clothing.

Would you have us all uniformly wearing grey boiler suits like in Orwell's 1984?

Ultimately this kit has form and function, but also marks it's wearer by association, so should speak about that too.


AIK's colours are black and yellow... I'm pretty sure they've been that colour for a long time. Why would they change their home strip colours to match their badge!
If anything, easier to change the badge to a two-colour design.


Hello. Can anybody tell me how to buy one of these new shirts please. I have looked everywhere (I think???) and can find nothing but pictures and comments. Short of going to Sweden or being able to navigate the clubs official website (which in in Swedish), it looks impossible just now. Am I missing something? Many thanks in advance.


Just go to and order a kit from there.

I´ve got the new kit now, but i don´t likte the fit :-?
The sleeves on the shortsleeve-model is to long.
But in other ways, it´s a OK kit. But not more. The crest should have been a embrodery right into the jersey like the earlier kits.

Could have done it much better I think. But, still OK.


Hello Carl. How can I order the kit from It's in Swedish and I can not translate(?). Please help if possible. My direct e-mail is [email protected]
Many thanks in advance my friend...

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