Shrewsbury Town 12/13 Joma Away Kit Design

Shrewsbury Town unveiled the club's stylish new away kit for next season. Manufactured by JOMA, it is a predominantly white strip with blue and amber flashes on the shirt.

The club invited design idea from supporters last year for the home shirt, the popular blue and amber stripes.

One of the kits to make the short list was a simple white design with blue and amber flashes which, although not winning, was clearly popular with supporters from the number of votes it received.

The white away shirt which Shrewsbury Town will wear as their change strip for the 2012-13 season retains the blue and amber flashes but in a proportion acceptable to the Football League to minimise the possibility of a clash of kits.

The club sat down to plan the design for the new away kit and it was decided that once again the fans input would be taken on board in the final decision.

Greenhous Meadow officials recently met with representatives of the club's various supporter groups and the feedback was very positive.

"It is important to have a distinctive away kit and this one we hope will be popular with the fans," said Martin James, Shrewsbury Town's community development manager. "It is in bright contrast to most other home kits."

The design of the strip has been confirmed and Shrewsbury Town are now working closely with JOMA on production.

This season's home strip, a big seller at the club shop, will remain the same for next season.







Quoting Ra Ra:

lol the company spelled green house wrong!

It's the name of a car dealership, besides the use of incorrect spellings is common enough in the English Language, and is mostly intentional. If you have a problem with the spelling contact Vauxhall.


Nice kit but STILL the club (DESPITE apparently consulting fans + previous kits) have not got it right !!! . For once the shade of amber is correct (as it is on the home striped shirt), but the shade of blue is not. whether it`s joma`s fault or the colour blind marketing men of the club I don`t know, as the 125 th anniversary kit was also that almost `powder` blue as well. The club will point to the fact that the home shirts have been a top seller (but we were desperate for the return of the stripes anyway) the `spinal tap` 70`s kit and the patrick striped kit was royal blue and were the best !!!!!!!!!!!!! not hard to get right surely if they`ve finally got the shade of amber right again !!!

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