Port Vale 12/13 Vandanel Away Football Shirt

Port Vale will entertain Burnley tonight wearing a new Pink & Black kit.

This is the change away strip for the season 2012-2013 and will be on sale in the Club Shop on Saturday. A Gold/Black away strip will be used by the team in early September along with the Pink kit. These will also be on sale early September.

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A new bespoke home kit will be available mid-October. This will replace the emergency home kit and will be on sale mid-October.

Thanks to DannyVale

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  1. Guest

That is incredible =)

  1. Agustin

realy good. would like to see the circule part of the sun a little biger. but exelent work!!!

  1. maciel


  1. maciel


  1. Guest

do better than what? getting a template and putting a sun on it? I could but then I'-) be lowering myself to your shitty standards.

  1. Dylan Keenan

i agree...with arius85! =D<br />but otherwise it&#039;s really good!<br />not a big fan of that guest!<br /><br />if u were working 4 adidas, this is be fantastic, so it is!<br />but obviously that guest wants u to make a whole new genre of design some how! =/

  1. Guest

what the fuck are you on about, how is original work a new genre of design?<br /><br />Just make something that&#039;s not been made before i.e. don&#039;t use an adidas design or nike design or any design already made and do your own work.<br /><br />To call your own work this is pathetic.

  1. Dylan Keenan

i didn&#039;t quite mean that!<br />ar bith, bocht ta se crua go aistrigh<br /><br />err...it&#039;s hard to translate, i&#039;m not very good at translating irish gaelic to english!

  1. Guest

do I have to repeat myself?<br /><br />&quot;-)o better than what? getting a template and putting a sun on it? I could but then I&#039;-) be lowering myself to your shitty standards.&quot;<br /><br />Thanks for giving it to me in Irish Gaelic a language I am very familiar with, makes sense now,..<br /><br />:roll::

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Guest, Im thinking that Mac and Dylan would rather be insulted by you than someone they have any respect for:smile: <br /><br />so what if he wants to use an existing template, I think its rather a nice template and the rising sun is original, although I dont think they could wear it against China, Korea or the US (might be too suggestive of the flag of imperial Japan) <br /><br />in the past, he has often used original templates, often very successfully, while you guest, have done fuck all. Its a case of mind over matter. You dont matter, so Mac shouldnt really mind what you say:smile:

  1. Dylan Keenan

his words mean nothing to me MW! =D

  1. maciel

Ok guys, it take so far, sorry about. I respect the opinions, but not the ofenses. I will forget what happened here, and promise that my next works will be better and more &quot;original&quot;. So, i suggest when you criticize some works here, have sure you can do better, and show us it. It&#039;s more fair.

  1. Guest

the best kit i have seen i a long time:

  1. Guest

MW FROM WIDEOPEN you are just as bad for using templates and not doing original work even if you claim to be, your research is often good but you think you know to much which is what I have noticed. I don&#039;t think if I registered as a user my words would have much more effect so I what is the point, they&#039;re still going to use other people&#039;s designs.<br /><br />It is a nice template. I agree, but I actually hate people using this for every team in the world and this will be the same when a new one is released. There is zero originality in the process, just change colours.<br /><br />I would showcase a bit of my work but this forum is so full of British fuckwits that I&#039;-) rather not. Nothing against the British just that the main percentage of users here seem to be from that part of the world, and most seem to be fuckwits.

  1. Paul - curswine

Guest, although you do have the right to your own opinion and that&#039;s what I hope these galleries create, please do so in a more respectful manner to the other users and cut out the crude and abusive language.<br /><br />As I am sure others know I am not a mad fan of people using these sorts of templates I am still for creative usage of them myself just for my own little two cents :

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Nice comeback guest, you got nothing on me:smile: :smile: <br /><br />I do constantly use the same BASE template. I just use a base one, but then I put new collars, new trim, new panels, and new layers on. almost everything is bespoke, and if I think the design fits another team, Ill use it.<br /><br />got anything that sticks, guest?<br /><br />Plus, I dont think youll can showcase any designs, because you dont have any:

  1. Jack Beaunier

and why is everyone arguing over a kit that isn&#039;t even real........&#039;fantasy&#039;

  1. Dylan Keenan

Hey Guest, <br />trust me, i am NOT British...

  1. Vittorio

absoluty nice, well done:wink:

  1. fsc

First!<br />Looks a bit feminine, why so many pink th last few years?

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