Everton and Umbro have revealed the Club’s new home kit for the 2017/18 season.

The new design sees the Club return to the classic Umbro diamond graphic running down the sleeves and a contrasting diamond pattern featuring on the side of the shorts, combining the spirit of the past with the excitement of the future.

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The kit has been unveiled in a campaign entitled 'Together Blue' - celebrating the strong local contingent of players in the Everton squad. The #TogetherBlue campaign was inspired by the legacy of Dixie Dean, a local player, Evertonian and Club legend who scored an astonishing 383 goals in his 12 years at Goodison Park, including an unbeaten 60 league strikes in a single campaign.

In honour of this, the design includes a Dixie Dean motif on the back of the neck, as chosen by Evertonians earlier this season in a fan vote through the Club’s official Fans’ Forum.

Designed to aid performance, the ‘pique fabric’ on the main body of the shirt offers a classic look, comfort and durability for the players while the ergonomically structured mesh in the underarm area helps with breathability.

The white shorts also have a running diamond graphic which features in contrast side panels and the woven fabric offers extra movement and an improved fit. The white performance socks have a comfortable cotton footbed and a contrast blue stripe with the Umbro logo to complete the kit.

View the: Everton 17/18 Umbro Away Kit

View the: Everton 17/18 Umbro Third Kit

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  1. Avi

It's not bad, but it looks like it's a training shirt.

  1. KJ Blue

I'm sure the lads used to warm up in these in the 99/00 season...the sponsor was one-2-one back then but the training/warm up shirt was the same design but grey!! Still think it's alright though (sponsor aside - how any times will people say in the weeks ahead with new kits lol?)

  1. To Maderia    KJ Blue

I agree! It looks like its just stepped out of the late 99's early 00's. Not too sure about it.

  1. Godless Ape

Needs white trim on the sleeves at least to make it not look like a training top. Looks better worn than hanging up. Sponsor logo at least compliments the shirt and isn't a completely different shade like a lot of the Puma and Macron designs.

  1. To the forest

Agree with it looking like a training shirt but love the umbro diamonds on the sleeves, wish they'd bring the diamond socks back as well

  1. was it    To the forest

wish admiral would make a comeback

  1. gmgtaylor

Looks like a training kit. Dark blue areas don't look nice. Umbro trimmings on sleeves would have looked better with blue umbro logos on a white background

  1. ars vegetables    gmgtaylor

Yep. Get rid of those dark blue patches and you've instantly got a more classic feel to the shirt. Don't even have to change the colour of the diamonds.

  1. Calgtfc

Looks like all the players have pit stains to me

  1. Jorge

The only thing good about it is the classic diamonds on the shoulders, but its fade while painted also blue... Forgetable kit, like every kit Umbro made for Everton since its back.

  1. Cywan D EFC

I'm an Everton supporter and that's an embarrassment

  1. Juan kossov

Shoulder diamonds ok but would be better in white,as others have said...training shirt.

  1. James

Agree it looks like a training top. Needs a larger white collar I think and not sure about the darker blue bits. Ok though and good to see Umbro making more kits.

  1. Jacko1971

Training top; why not go for white diamonds on the arms, and a white collar? Horrible effort by Umbro.

  1. Bibclaret

those shorts are ridiculous, might as well be wearing BERMUDA shorts

  1. Leighton

Hate this. Umbro's Everton kits have been mostly poor for the last 3-4 seasons. Hate that new sponsor too.

  1. ibrahimonick

Miss the Chang-Elephants already...

  1. Abdul

Not bad ..

  1. kflsd

This alone will make Lukaku want to leave

  1. Mick Ferguson

Not one of the best kit for Everton. It could be better with a bit of white trimmings for the shirt.

  1. Nuttyworker

Drab, just like all supporters wearing a Scouse shirt. Proper ponces.

  1. Séamas Ó Lorcáin    Nuttyworker

Grand kit. It's much better than the Liverpool NB crap

  1. Nuttyworker    Séamas Ó Lorcáin

Mentioning your rivals kit, just goes to show all scouse supporters are drab, and there is no disguising that you are also a mongalise fu*kpig

  1. Cathal Brew

Great kit. Class

  1. Shazbot

Nowhere near as good as the quality red kit from across the park. You Evertonian spazmoids.

  1. Billy bob

Why did chang have to go reply if you agree

  1. Seb Neimand

Bloody shocking. We've had some awful kits in the last 20 years but this one has a special home in the hall of fame.

  1. Mud

Why did Umbro not use the 125th anniversary kit as the home kit? That is spectacular whereas this looking like a training top.

  1. Umbro Hummel Ummah

How the F Does that look like a training top.??
Its a masterpiece... reminds me of the 86-7etc season kit..

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