Drawing inspiration from key moments in the club’s history, the new Manchester City 2018/19 home shirt features the customary City blue colorway with dark blue speed blur stripes along the arms and shoulders. 

A return to navy socks echoes the kit worn when City first won the league title in 1937 and also in the pivotal 1998/99 season, which is considered by many to be the turning point in the modern history of the club.

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View the: Manchester City 2018-19 Nike Away Kit

View the: Manchester City 2018-19 Nike Third Kit

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  1. Matt

Another boring bog standard Nike template. Bore off man!

  1. Chris

Would be nicer without that gay little button on the collar :')

  1. Joseph    Sensible Bob

Looks like one of the trolls are out from under the bridge...

For someone so ‘liberal’ you’re awfully good at telling people (albeit sarcastically) how to communicate, there’s a word for that... dictatorship

Please stop presuming and judging people who use words that you take offence to. Try being respectful, and more mature, even if you don’t like what someone has said - EVEN if they have used words that are not socially/culturally acceptable.

If you can’t be the bigger person, why comment at all?

  1. Gojira77    Joseph

Joseph, what you are doing right there is telling someone how to communicate. There's a word for that... hypocrite.

  1. bigg    Sensible Bob

anybody tested the gay button yet? i did and was immediately transported to Canal st,touch of class by Nike

  1. Bored by Bob

Perhaps Sensible Bob should change his name to Hilarious Bob


  1. Hilarious Bob:)

Good one lads - totally agree on the gay button tho.
Not cool

  1. Sonny Eriksen

They f**ked it with the button. Hope other Nike kits aren't the same template.

Probably will be

  1. bingle

I almost expect Sterling and Aguero to start having snogs on the pitch????

  1. mo salah

they do anyway

  1. chips

Maybe Pep will divorce his wife in favour of De Bryune

  1. Margaret Hitchcock

All over a gay button!!!

  1. kdb

they will start to put gay buttons on the their bockies next

  1. bummer

Its almost like Sterling is saying "Suck my ass honey!"

  1. dwqiuedw    bummer

ooooh strwberry

  1. Margaret Hitchcock

Lets get back to earth...all a bit below belt
Nice kit...but gay button (sorry to mention it but i had to!)
Love the sleeves

  1. eeee

baaangg just hit earth

  1. dario2739

As a Man City fan I would just like to say that this is probably the worst home shirt we've ever had... worse than the the last season's dark sleeved effort and I never thought Nike could get worse than that!!!

  1. Bil

Yet another bog standard kit . What exactly do these design teams do to earn their money ???

  1. Bil

Is it the new Holland shirt but in a shade of blue instead of orange ?????

  1. Bill

Or France . Sorry I meant Portugal .!!!!!!!

  1. Bill

Can we PLEASE go back to Umbro ????

  1. justbehindthecentre    Bill

And relative obscurity.

  1. Footyfanatic

I thought Man City's colour was sky blue.

  1. Bill

Sorry , meant a shade of sky blue not blue .

  1. Bill

At least it's slightly better than the white tee shirt they are producing and ripping people as an England Shirt for £65 quid !!!!

  1. Miken

Looks just like the 16/17. Shirt.

  1. AJ

Pretty shocking effort ...


The time has come to....

Push the gay button

  1. Tim Biscuit

Whoever wrote the press release was struggling to say anything other than the "it's a template"

Nikes efforts over the last few years have in the main been pretty poor, looks like the trend will be continuing

  1. Manc Ity

Awful neckline, pointless button.

..kit does look better on the pitch though

  1. Mr.Magoo

Might as well have just kept the 16/17 shirt for 3 seasons.

  1. Fighting Pride of Skem

state of that haha


As shiny as a fresh stinking jobbie!

  1. Robert

I'm sure Nike are actually on the wind up with us.

  1. Gojira77

Would be pretty decent, if boring, if it wasn't for that neckline and button.

  1. Imre Varadi

That neckline is an absolute killer - and they’ve put it on so many kits. Surely they had people wear this before the launch, and that it looked weird. Looks like a hospital gown!

  1. bigg

stinker ,havent bought a city kit for a few years now,they have been horrible under nike
this one doesnt look as bad on the players ,as the pictures show but why nike couldnt have just went down the chelsea strip design ,il never know
or why not? just like a car minor design twitches every year ,then a over haul every 7 years?

  1. Mattgfc1977

Not a good look at that button lol and them sleeves ewwww worst than new Man Utd shirt

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