Manchester United has revealed the new Adidas home kit for the 18/19 season.

The latest jersey marks 140 years since the club was founded, with a train track graphic referencing United’s original name: Newton Heath (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) Cricket and Football Club.

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The team was originally formed in 1878 by the Carriage and Waggon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath and initially played games against other departments and rail companies at their home ground at North Road, Manchester.

In 1892, the club entered the English First Division – the highest league in the country at the time, before changing its name to the now world-renowned Manchester United in 1902, and moving to the iconic stadium of Old Trafford in 1910.

Rich structured engineered shell fabric is brought to life in a black to red fading on the shirt, and is accompanied by black shorts and red and black socks.

View the: Manchester United 2018-19 Adidas Third Kit

View the: Manchester United 2018-19 Adidas Away Kit

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  1. Giggs

Very different to the norm well done Adidas

  1. utd

boring old adidas shirt

  1. tom bola

Nice try. I think a black collar would have been more in keeping with the overall look of the shirt. More red in the socks too?

  1. SweetLikeCherryPie

What a sellout. How does someone even accept a company doing this to a home kit?

  1. Mufc

It kinda works with black shorts, but will look odd on a normal fan wearing jeans.

  1. Mufc

It works with black shorts but will look odd on the normal fan wearing jeans

  1. Trevor McDonald

Black shorts? Well, there goes the history.

  1. Socrates


  1. Aj

Must rank as one of the poorest United home kits in living memory...just wrong on so many levels.

  1. Russel1311

What's the betting there's some kind of supporter petition and they're back in white shorts by Christmas?

  1. WiganForest

If it wasn't Manchester United, if it was say Morecambe, there wouldn't be as many people thinking its' "hall of shame" or hideous. I think it's a pretty smart kit and it's always nice to have a change from the same style. It's only getting a bit of hate and negative opinions as it is United imo.

  1. charlestonechewbacca    DJ

I think you need to read up on the history of United


Load's of millennial numbskulls showing a lack of knowledge.

  1. WiganForest    Aldo Montefiore

Where's the lack of knowledge? What DJ said was correct in that traditional United Kits have white shorts and is a break in tradition. And everything I said was personal opinion, not trying to state a fact. Don't think either of us need to read up to be fair.

  1. Glowering scruff

Never a Manchester United home strip in trillion years, looks more like Bayer Leverkusen.

  1. Rata Encoronada

What´s wrong with you Adidas?
Too boring Real Madrid shirt? Ok let´s try something special for MU...
Better come back to the old bored style or maybe better if you get new designers.

  1. Benji

Awful kit, worst Manchester United I have seen in my entire life, coming from a Manchester United fan

  1. Aldo Montefiore    Benji

Are you 15?

  1. Matt Busby

The immediate reaction from everyone is " unusual.....not what we're used to....don't like it."
Seriously, if you looked at it in white, like the supposed leaked Tottenham one (very similar stripes at the bottom), it looks fine. I personally think a change is good - nothing wrong with the black shorts.
I agree as someone said earlier, its only getting "Hall of Shame" comments because its Manchester United.
Will look great when they play in it, and the price will come down!

  1. Spike

As a United fan I would say......
White shorts and black or red socks but to be honest neither would work with what is truly a shocking shirt design....

  1. Aldo Montefiore    Spike

What was the fan reaction in the early 1960's when United switched to white socks?

  1. JR

Wow! That is a piss take for Utd fans. As a Liverpool fan I’ve had to endure some fairly ‘interesting’ away kits, however home colours are not to be dicked around with... even I feel uncomfortable with this!

  1. Zaul

The Shirt and shorts are fine, different I grant you but they work. Paired with those socks though it all looks awful. White socks are United's colours.

  1. Mo    Zaul

I think you got it mixed up. United wears black socks with white shorts.

  1. Aldo Montefiore    Mo

What about red socks?

  1. John Radford

These sort of kits where the shirt colour fades into the shorts colour make the players look like they’ve tucked their shirts in and pulled their waistband of their shorts up really high. Going to be really weird when Sanchez starts pulling the legs of his shorts up like Ronaldo.

Anyway, we’ve had this style at Mansfield for a season now so good to see Man U finally catching up.

  1. Fook off scabs    John Radford

Aye.. they'll be crossing picket lines next ..

  1. Scott

An absolute abomination. GTFO Adidas.

  1. Dead Reville

HTF did different kit companies come up with the same stupid gradient into shorts idea simultaneously? Do they all get their design direction from the same manufacturer in Thailand who just changes the logo on them?

  1. North's National Team

Black shorts !!
..And Red Socks!!
Looks too German... time mufc went back to umbro ...

  1. tom bola

Luke Shaw has got lovely teeth.


I know that it is not what Man United fans acknowledge as a traditional kit . At least you have a variation instead of a minimal change and get ripped off for a slightly different kit . ( Of course no one is forced to buy any kit !!!!! ) PS At least it's not " Baby Blue "


I couldn't possibly mean some other red team from down the road ? Always the victims never the blame !!!!!!f


Sorry . Just clarify that I meant the the inbred scum down the road with the minimal change and the supposed big team across the city for the Baby Blue . I know how thick both are and probably didn't understand !!!!!

  1. Stone

This is really screwing with the club brand. Very, very bad idea!

  1. Pyro

As kit i like it but it's not a Utd kit

  1. Margaret

lovely kit

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