Watford's new adidas home kit for the 2018/19 season has been revealed.

The 2018-2019 Watford FC Home Jersey features traditional team colours in a fresh look. Inspired from the previous club crest.

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  1. Brian

This is actually not bad, considering some of the ultra boring Nike kits out there, this is ok. I'm guessing the Wolves kit will be from this template.

  1. Captain Obvious    Brian

Yeah I really like what Nike have done here. Using an Adidas template.

  1. Harry

I like it. It’s bold and different and makes a change from the template kits out there. Hopefully the away kit will have some red in it...

  1. Henry VIII

I like it, I wish it had yellow socks but the shirt is excellent.


This goes some way to explain Southampton's alleged decision to introduce an all red third strip, given their fist choice stripes and away yellow.


You are worried that yellow and black stripes will clash with red and white stripes? WTF


No not worried Surrealist, just enlightened. The authorities who make decisions about kit swaps would probably see a clash in two sets of stripes. Our yellow first change would also clash leading me to understand why we have an otherwise pointless third strip. No need for the histrionics, you need only have asked for an explanation.

  1. JimSing

Great kit, can’t beat Adidas

  1. JimCantSing    JimSing

Oh you can, Jim. Everyone apart from Nike does. But they've done well here.

  1. Paul Chuckle

In the words of my brother Barry, Oh dear Oh dear!

  1. Wot For D


  1. BaddersTUFC

I think of Watford, and I think of Graham Taylor, John Barnes etc in yellow, with red shorts and socks. That will always be Watford to me. This is about as far removed as you can get and looks more like Burton Albion.

  1. BOROHORNET    BaddersTUFC

Absolutely agree, awful kit.Watfords colours are yellow shirts and red shorts, not this reject borussia dortmund kit.

  1. Bentley    BOROHORNET

Yeah.. that's a good shout.. although you may want to consider that we are called the Hornets.. traditionally red and black.. and if you want to look through history.. we've worn Yellow Shirts Black Shorts with a lot of black on the shirts more than we've ever had red.
Maybe do your research? Just because during our greatest period in history we had red shorts doesn't mean it's the norm. ??

  1. bob

very nice

  1. dex1lsp

I love the fact that this is inspired by the most awesomely ridiculous crest of all time.

  1. Jaffa    dex1lsp

Why is it ridiculous?

  1. Javi Gracia    Jaffa

Please be reasonable with the squad. We were in a hard moment when we designed the strip.

  1. Jlton Eohn

Far too much Black, and not enough red... awful

  1. Ian H

Adidas shouldn’t be allowed near striped kits unless they are prepared to put stripes on the reverse of the shirt

  1. The Royal Nine

Watford should not play in stripes they're not a striped kitted club - disgraceful and very insensitive

  1. Bentley    The Royal Nine

Another one that has to look through the history books. Our first kits (besides the blue shirts) were thin Vertical stripes. We also played in Black and White stripes during the early 1900's aswell.
Stripes may not be something we use much.. but this shirt is beautiful. I'd rather this than another boring Plain yellow shirt. It's giving the Watford supporters something different. And it works.

  1. ur mom


First the STRIPES, then the sponsor... who are you, Adidas, and what have you done to this kit???

  1. *&%$ meatballs

shocking kit!! really unimpressive
watford do not need stripes

  1. meatballs

really bad kit!! super unimpressive
watford do not suit stripes!!!1

  1. bourb/leeg

epic kit
really like the stripes
Adidas kits are the best


in your gardening joggers?


ur much a seeny

  1. legion    still stella

hello trig

  1. totheforest

Don't like striped shirts with a plain back, spoils the shirt

  1. Paul

Horrible, not Watford at all.

  1. hornets nest    Paul

tell me abt it

  1. low end bee

One stripe for every manager sacked next season.

  1. high end bee    low end bee

thats hilarious low end bee!!
im rollin around on the floor right now....

  1. middle end bee    high end bee

u lot r hilarii (plural of hilarious)
low end bee just takes the biscet tho
strike me pink
its gr8

  1. no bill    bill the bobder

no bill that looks rubbish, mines much more classy

  1. bills old m8    no bill

so hows bill then? still the same ole bill?

  1. yes bobder

soz no bill
r u a duck
coz you've got no bill
good tho innit

  1. Kevin

Watford need yellow sock and not too much black kits

  1. MikkoNikulainen

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