Sunderland AFC revealed their new 2019-20 Home football shirt by Adidas.

The new home shirt sports the club’s traditional red and white stripes, with the famous colours running up to the players’ numbers on the reverse of the shirt, which proudly displays Utilita Energy’s logo.

Complemented by black shorts and red socks, both the shirt and shorts feature ventilated adidas climacool® technology to keep wearers dry and cool.

After its parent company, GVC Holdings, announced an end to its football sponsorship programme, SAFC’s principal partner BETDAQ has gifted its front-of-shirt presence to the charity Children with Cancer UK.

View the: Sunderland 2019-20 Adidas Away Kit

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  1. Sir Winston Churchill


  1. Spidey

This sounds daft even as I type it - but it looks more Stoke than Sunderland (and I know they both wear red/white stripes!)

  1. XYZ    Spidey

No I get what you mean - in my head I've tended to think of Stoke as having broader stripes than Sunderland (and also Southampton). Obviously they've deviated from that in the past as well, but I think of Sunderland as having narrower stripes than this.

Their current kits look nicer anyway.

  1. tom bola

The hours of toil it must have taken to come up with this don't bear thinking about...............

  1. PulisOut


  1. Kv

Too much white. Would rather see thin stripes aplenty like Milan. Adidas are making a c*nt of it!

  1. South london

Sponsor is obvs a great cause but it ruins the shirt

  1. Arlu    South london

Oh dear, how absolutely terrible for you. FFS. I think the cause is just a LITTLE more important than a kit design that will change in twelve months anyway!

  1. Dan

I hate to say it, but the problem here wasn’t adidas. This one was the club. They’re selling their soul to make a buck. The shirt sponsor where the player name is supposed to go is one of the most disgusting sellout moves a team can make. And lastly, how bloody hard is it to change the colour of a front sponsor so it compliments their shirt. A red box is pathetic. Just make it black bold writing and it’d look far better. Your fans don’t just buy shirts cause they love the club, they buy shirts because they look good and you can wear them outside of the stadium. Pathetic attempt by the club for not consulting with their fan base and deciding to sellout for some quick cash.

  1. Jimbo^2    Dan

I'm not sure how having a Children's Cancer charity on your shirt is selling out.

  1. Arlu    Jimbo^2

He was talking about the sponsor name Utilita on the back of the shirt.

But most clubs in the EFL now have a rear shirt sponsor logo, they need as much cash as possible outside of the Prem.

  1. Bill

It says it all that one of Adidas's directors is also a directors at Aston Villa and they do not even wear Adidas kits . They are only bothered with there so called elite clubs !!!!!

  1. Bill    Bill

PS Let's see what Sheffield United get , at least Brentford are now Umbro .

  1. Matt    Bill

He holds a 6% stake in adidas, among many other investments. Do you really think he signs his approval on kits?

  1. Bill    Matt

Obviously well informed . The point is you would think they would possibly have an Adidas kit rather than Kappa . Surely it would be understandable having even a minority shareholder on the board .PS Wish I had 6% shares in Adidas . Cheers Matt

  1. Gordie mcfuckwit

It's only Sunderland nobody will see it.

  1. Socrates

Do they do a long sleeved version to hide the grotesque tattoos?

  1. Rafa    Socrates

That's just the Women !!!!!!!

  1. Arlu    Rafa

Perhaps they should do a hoodie version so the bloke on the right can cover his grotesque face.

  1. FootballDiscoverer

Juventus 2018/19 home kit inspired. But what the actual fuck is with the red box? Just make the logo black!!! And also, move the Utilita logo to the bottom. This is completely Sunderland’s fault.

  1. Arlu

It's the old problem for Adidas with striped shirts. When your logo is stripes, thats always going to make a striped shirt look too busy.

  1. Need I say more

Just look awful

  1. Fuck EDL BF

Without doubt the worse kit of 2019.

  1. Theo Fages

Prefer Charltons...



  1. Reginald Cruyff

You know it’s bad when Newcastle’s new one is better

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