Brighton & Hove Albion revealed their new Home kit by Nike for the 2020/21 season.

In a bold move away from our traditional stripes, fans will immediately notice a pinstripe fabric which is a nod to a classic shirt of yesteryear.

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The pinstripes are subtly broken to carry the logo of club partner American Express and the shirt — which will be worn with white shorts and blue socks — sports a smart white collar and has yellow trim on the side seam.

The pinstripe first featured on Albion’s 1983/84 kit, which was a white pinstripe on a blue shirt, sponsored by Phoenix Brewery, and worn that season and the following one.

Albion also wore a shirt featuring blue and white pinstripes with solid blue sleeves in 1993/94 which was worn for two seasons.

View the: Brighton & Hove Albion 2020-21 Away Kit

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  1. Mooney

Love it, best Brighton kit in a very long time

  1. David Hirst

Sheffield Wednesday 2016-17

  1. 88milesperhour    David Hirst

No it’s definitely Brighton 2020/21

  1. Luciano

Very nice

  1. forest phil

its very nice but I thought broad stripes was their "thing" !

  1. Brian

This will be the best kit in the PL next season, simple and uncomplicated.

  1. brighton john

boring nike

  1. Free the animals

This would've been a nice opportunity to free the seagull from it's bland circle, even if just for one year ? never mind

  1. Get Shirty

Brilliant, very stylish.

  1. Jason

That is one lovely shirt! I’m not a Brighton fan but if I was I would buy this one!

  1. Smallhausen

Very similar to the 1983 shirt. Nice.

  1. n9andy

shame to break the pin stripes around the sponsor, seems unnecessary

  1. Far Acre

Something that would make it better would be if the pinstripes weren’t stopped at the sponsor or on the back.

  1. Angry Andy

But their nickname is the Tesco bags! This is ridiculous! How can they call themselves the Tesco bags when they don't look like them anymore?!? Fans will hate it.

  1. Seagull Steve    Angry Andy

Only Palarse call us that - as you well know. Don't worry yourself - the fans love the new shirts, and at least we don't have to look like a fifth rate park team trying to pretend to be Barcelona every season, eh?

  1. Heterosexual    Seagull Steve

Rather have a big strong beautiful eagle on my shirt than a filthy poxy seagull

  1. Seagull Steve    Heterosexual

Course, I mean ..there's absolutely loads of eagles in Croydon aren't there? Do they all roost at the top of Lunar House?

It's not even really Palarse's real badge. Truth is Malcolm Allison nicked it from Benfica 'cos he thought it was slightly less stupid than having a big greenhouse on the badge. "Team of the 80s"?? That worked well, didn't it?

Seagulls will nick your chips and then crap on you and don't give a fuck. Brilliant birds.

  1. Eli Hep

Love the shirt. But not the sponsor.

  1. sharpy

The pinstripes are "subtly" broken pffft...guys the word you were looking for is "needlessly"

  1. Seagull Steve

Pretty classy, and a throwback to our early 80s kits. And once again, Palarse fans are seething with envy. It comes with having to live in Croydon...

  1. Bondi Jeff

Should have gone with the blue shirt with white sleeves circa 1969/70

  1. Hatterman

Mincers shirt.

  1. VillaFan

For a Brighton kit, I think that's very nice

  1. Gully135

This is fantastic i look forward to owning this
One of the best shirts going so far in premier league.

  1. Der K

I don't like it when teams that wear stripes change into one-color shirts, but this kit is amazing.

  1. Ade Royal

Boring third rate kit for a boring tin pot club. Descent back to the levels you belong at to commence forthwith!

  1. JF

The collar looks cheap and hideous.

  1. Paul R

Cracking kit- a throwback to the Man Utd final kit. I like it better than the striped kits of the last 2 seasons. Only minor quibble is yellow insert at the bottom on the side, no need for that really.

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