Celtic FC revealed their new 2020-21 Home football kit by Adidas.

The classic green and white Hoops proudly span the chest, sitting seamlessly beside the three stripes on the shoulders. The gold star shines on the breast commemorating Celtic’s achievement as the first British club to win the European Cup.

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Made from moisture-absorbing fabric to keep you cool when the game heats up, an embroidered crest and crew neck-collar finish the look. The kit is complete with traditional white shorts with green detail and hooped white socks.

View the: Celtic 2020-21 Away Kit

View the: Celtic 2020-21 Third Kit

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  1. Teddy Bear


  1. Champions 9    Teddy Bear

Teddy bear,


  1. Greenman    Teddy Bear


  1. Bob24

Decent first effort from Adidas. They haven't put the 3 stripes down the sides and broken up the hoops, which is a stupid look on any hooped shirt, and they haven't put any garish colours or effects on it either.

  1. Ed

No bad but round necks are poison

  1. Sean

Good to see stripes on the back!

  1. Cider

Just a crap Yeovil kit

  1. Greenman    Cider

Hurting Zombie?

  1. Brian

Varying degrees of likes and dislikes. Just goes to show, you can't please everyone and it isn't even a terrible kit. I mean what can one really do with hoops?

  1. Paddy Mac    Brian

Absolute belter of kit as we go for more historic glory.

Hail, Hail the aterisk's are here :-D

Here we go 10 in a row,

  1. Paddy Mac    Brian

Sorry Brian, that reply wasn't meant for you but for the main page :-D

  1. Hot Dave

It's OK, but the gold trim on the neck and cuffs is unnecessary and spoils it. I reckon white neck and cuffs would make it near perfect.

  1. VillaFan

Scum club, but very nice kit

  1. RKOvens    VillaFan

Enjoy relegation mate ?

  1. Alex

A hell of Home Kit! Amazing

  1. Scott

Not great but not bad. The 3 stripes will never look right on a striped shirt. And it would have looked better without them on the shoulders. Where else can they put them? Next year will be the sides or on the sleeves. 5 years of trying to figure out where to put the 3 stripes, and they always wont look quite right.

  1. GT    Scott

WTF are you waffling on about lad lol

  1. Fireman Spam    Scott

Turn the 3 stripes into one of the hoops, easy really.
In fact Rangers circa mid 90s had the 3 stripes on the sleeves and shorts in the form of a hoop.

  1. Séamas Ó Conghaile

Great kit. Best since the last umbro ones ...

  1. Basil Balti

The club's colours are green and white , get rid of the yellow

  1. Greenman    Tony McLaughlin

No mention of what Ranger's coaches did then? no? thought not!

  1. Tony McLaughlin    Greenman

I am a lifelong Celtic fan who has renounced his season ticket over this. Every man and his dog knows Celtic Boys Club was an official part of Celtic FC itself, my uncles played for them in the 1980s. Why Celtic fans are not actively attacking the board, protesting at every match over this is incomprehensible. Because when the victims win the clubs reputation will not just be tarnished, it will be gone forever, tragically. And as fans our indifference will have played a significant part. The Green Brigade should have banners aimed at the board over this, if they took off their blinkers and saw the big picture. Shame on us.

  1. TAL    Tony McLaughlin

fking wierdo. Get a life . Renounce yer ST wherever it is ...dick

  1. Finbar

Great kit. Great club ???

  1. Finbar

Great kit Great club

  1. Stuart

The issue I have with many striped kits (and I'm not a fan of any UK team btw) is when the stripes on the main panel/front don't line up with those on the sleeves. Even if it's a few mm, it's really noticeable and considering the inflated prices of shirts, just poor tailoring!

  1. Kev    Stuart

"Tailoring"?????? Are you being serious? Football shirts are not made in Saville bloody Row. You do, I hope, realise that football shirts are all mass produced in third world countries by 12 year old kids who are paid a pittance and they dont give a toss about whether the stripes are "a few mm" out, so long as they get to eat that day.

  1. bureu

As Adidas aficionado I like it, but sponsor's design is disappointing. Would buy sponsorless shirt for sure, but this is iffy.

  1. Greenman    bureu

you can buy it without a sponsor

  1. Parkheeeeeeeed    Greenman

what sort of knobheed calls hiself an "Adidas afficionado"????? Wee three stripey mug!

  1. Kev

Not as good as I'd hoped. Not keen on the yellow trim, and the adidas stripes sort of make the shirt look fussy and too full, if you kna what I mean.



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