Rangers Football Club unveiled the 2020/21 Away kit made by Castore.

The away shirt features an optic white design and is combined with navy blue mesh panels around the shoulder and arm to give a distinctively bold aesthetic that will stand out both on and off the field.

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An embossed retro print lining down the front of the jersey is a nod to famous Rangers kits while the ultra-lightweight, highly sweat-wicking Castore Rapide fabric delivers the optimal modern-day performance capabilities.

The shirt design also contains “We’ll follow near and far” as a special tribute to the support Rangers fans show the team no matter where they play.

View the: Rangers 2020-21 Home Kit

View the: Rangers 2020-21 Third Kit

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  1. Rossco

Absolutely beautiful. If this is a taste of things to come from Castore, they'll attract a lot of big names. This is on the shopping list.

  1. followfollow21

Top quality kit! Especially compared to the shite Adidas made for Septic (and 100 other teams using the same template). WATP! ??????????

  1. G Adams esq.    followfollow21

It's business time!! Take your rubbish kit and go polish your Veolia trophy.

  1. followfollow21    G Adams esq.

Yes, the one you couldn't win. Got humped BOTH games ! Don't hate us cuz you ain't us! WATP

  1. It's in your head    followfollow21

what? being tax dogding scum who use child abuse as form of point scoring? Nah, we will stick to having 11/11 CONSECUTIVE AND COMPETITIVE TROPHIES while you mutants came back from the dead

  1. Alfie

Only bad thing is the 'stay in control' below sponsor

  1. Arnold

Boring. Looks like a Dundee kit. Puts Rangers in the mediocre bracket along with their squad.

  1. YYZ

Not really liking it.

  1. Forza

A million times classier than the Celtic teamwear

  1. Bob24

Very Bolton Wanderers.

  1. Chelsea Dave

Looks very cheap. Suppose the new Rangers club cannot expect major brand names to give them a second look though.

  1. followfollow21    Chelsea Dave

Doesn't get much more major or premium than Castore mate! For the cost of one Castore jacket you can buy the complete Septic kit, walk out jacket, shorts, socks and probably a season ticket also. Never mind they've made Rangers a proper, bespoke , one off kit(s). Not the de template kit as hundreds of other teams!
Keep your Adidas! We are just fine with Castore

  1. th6381    Chelsea Dave

its defo not cheap....at £60

  1. Wessex

New Rangers? No,no different from the "old" Rangers... because it is the same club.
Like Celtic are "Pacific Shelf" so therefore the "New Celtic".
I hate this anti-Rangers bigotry shit. Apparently it is only Gets who are bigots.

  1. Wessex    Wessex

Gers,not Gets lol.

  1. It's in your head    Wessex

Your logic is so flawed its embarassing. Celtic were taken over by a company called Pacific shelf BEFORE liquidation. Rangers were Liquidated and then had the rights sold off by liquidators to a newco called Sevco5088, its astonishing how idiotic you hun bastards really are

  1. Chelsea fan

Nothing special here, fairly average at best imo.

  1. Paul R

This is an excellent away kit-so much smarter than both the Hummel and Puma away kits. Plain, smart and the blue on the shoulder works, though would have looked better on the back without the red insert. I think Castore have done two excellent kits.

  1. undefeated

I knew the away kit would be all white... is the matching hood optional?

  1. th6381

love the home kit really smart the away is a classic white kit and much better than last seasons away kit.

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