Real Madrid and Adidas revealed their new Home kit for the 20/21 season.

Inspired by the Madrid mentality of facing pressure with fearlessness and defiance, adidas has taken the iconic white of Real Madrid and introduced a subtle tonal graphic across the front of the home shirt.

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The home jersey features Spring Pink accents - inspired by the 2014-15 away jersey - emerging from the 3 stripes and loop label on the neck of the jersey. This subtle graphic and vivid contrast detailing references the contemporary art culture of the vibrant capital, which players and fans alike call home.

View the: Real Madrid 2020-21 Away Kit

View the: Real Madrid 2020-21 Third Kit

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  1. Adishambles

Looks like teamwear


Well they are a team.

  1. Intrigued    Fat boy with tiny ankles

Why are your ankles so tiny?

  1. Blobby
  1. Kitman

That is woeful

  1. Whatonearth

Good god that’s carp!

  1. Der K

Teamwear with pink stripes. That's just poor.

  1. Alex Cropleys bad leg .

Kit manufacturers 20/21
1 Macron
2 Hummel
3 Errea
4 Joma
5 Umbro
6 Puma ( A couple of half decent efforts )
7 Nike
8 Adidas ( Used to be best by a mile now really poor ) 9 Kappa ( Not many out there , Villa is bound to c##pl because it's Villa !!! )

  1. hend    Alex Cropleys bad leg .

the only good shirt this year from adidas is Arsenal's one

  1. Alex Cropleys bad leg    hend

Arsenal is OK . Best of a bad bunch . Wolves looks cheap , Leicester is basically a teamwear kit . Bayern Munichs away looks like a short sleeve vest .


in fairness I think Madrid have more input in the kit thann adidas ...
Adidas always in top 3 imo ... could be worse nike could have made it
Btw macron are are awful too...
Errea and joma have made 3 or 4 great kits this year ... but I'd have hummed top... and umbros European and especially South American style kits are top bollocks

  1. Waldschrat

Every season a new accent colour. Gold, blue, black, violet, pink... Useless.

  1. tommy

How can Adidas pull off an absolute masterpiece with Arsenal’s new kit and and follow it up with this horrible looking/fitting lame attempt. I’d be gutted if I were a Madrid fan, but I’m not so it doesn’t matter.

  1. Mr. Magoo

Surely Adidas can come up with something better than one of their existing templates for the biggest team in the world? Poor.

  1. The Villan

Looks dated, no imagination.

  1. Raul Madrid

This is the worst teamwear from Adidas range also worn by Leicester and Wolves next season.

..No imagination just colours change

  1. umbro ftw

Adidas haven't made one good real Madrid kit since they've been making them.if that's the club or adidas' fault god only knows
Awful ...

  1. D-M-T

This is just garbage, why did they use the pink accent? what is the significance of pink for RM exactly?

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