Sheffield Wednesday revealed the new 20/21 Away Kit by ELEV8.

Taking inspiration from on-trend modern visuals, the Owls’ away strip incorporates a grey camo-effect, with the shirt complemented by silver trims, cuffs and monochrome badge. The shorts are silver with a solid black pattern, black socks and silver turnover.

The shirts are manufactured using ELEV8’s EVAPOR8 technology, a moisture management fabric that aids durability and all-round comfort. The SWFC crest is an embroidered patch alongside a new and improved flat silicone ELEV8 logo.

View the: Sheffield Wednesday 2020-21 Home Kit

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  1. Rossco

All that's missing is the Mountain Dew, Confederate flag, loaded rifle, Ford truck, a Flat Earth sticker and a penchant for inbreeding. Hideous.

  1. American    Rossco

British people on Ryanair and on Spanish islands vacationing. British underclass chavs. Football hooligans. Alcoholism. Poor dentistry.

  1. Rossco    American

An admirable effort.

  1. Crabs    Rossco

stop talking to dis'sen


Totally agree with Rossco , Deliverance, Well looky here we got ourselves a sow

  1. Barny

Would look great in a gay nightclub .

  1. ???    Barny

Why would it?

  1. Barny    ???

Think about it . A bunch of gays prancing around in a tight fitting camouflage silver shirt . On second thoughts probably better not to think about it to much . ??? , couldn't you remember your name ?

  1. Housty    Barny

Looks like we have a homophobe here who is also shite at pointing out gay stereotypes

  1. Ossie

ABYSMAL !!! Would anyone want to be seen walking round in that ? Should get a points deduction for that alone lol .

  1. Camo Owls

When they open the stadiums to fans, these guys are gonna disappear quicker than Fergie's boys at The Dell. Could work to their defence's advantage though for stealthy two-footed lunges.

  1. Ruud Mullet

Looks like a bird has shat all over it.

  1. Brandon    Ruud Mullet

Yeah . Probably an irate Owl !!!

  1. Carra

Absolutely GROSS

  1. Wessex

Not as gross as the Partick Thistle camo kit from a few years ago but...

  1. ...

'I like it' - Stevie Wonder, July 2020

  1. Giles Park

Very funny joke. I presume they are going to launch the actual away shirt next week.

  1. Gaz

Did ELEV8 really think that would make a decent football kit ? They are obviously not fans themselves or Blades fans taking the p##s !!!

  1. Get Shirty

Congratulations Sheffield Wednesday on winning the award for the worst kit, totally abysmal.

  1. Woody Reed


  1. Andi the Ram

Looks like a dirty dishcloth. Absolutely vile.

  1. Eli

Cheap and nasty - similar to elev8 shirts. This one will not last - all grey shirts are a bad idea.

  1. Visage

Aaah, we fade to grey (We fade to grey)

  1. Midge    Visage

Great tune . Nice to see someone remembering it .

  1. Ollie

Who are ELEV8 ? Didn't they come 2nd on X- Factor ?

  1. Tombo

Think I must be only person in world who actually likes it

  1. John Smith    Tombo

I can imagine there might be three others, out of 8 billion.

  1. Ol George

The football league should step in and remove elevate from sponshorship. That's shocking

  1. KonyoWest

Lucky its camouflage and we won't be able to see it. Total shocker!

  1. Der K

It looks dark gray on the picture where the player is wearing it, so it might not be as bad on the pitch. One way or the other is till one of the worst kits of the season.

  1. Ade Royal

Total shocker the whole kit looks like a child’s pyjamas

  1. McNulty

Grubby, like the clubs morals.

  1. John Sellars

Abysmal. I'm ashamed to be an Owls fan these days.

The whole club stinks to high heaven.

Chansiri out!

  1. ChapRed

I hate Wednesday with a passion like most non deluded footy fans ..but I really despair for their fans at least while their chairman is fleecing them left right and centre ...
Btw the elev8 kits are probably the cheapest made kits in FL ..and most expensive.

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