Watford FC revealed their new home kit for the 2020/21 season.

Featuring a bold and bespoke design, this striking strip is the first to be produced exclusively for the Hornets by the club’s new technical partner Kelme.

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View the: Watford 2020-21 Away Kit

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  1. Jim

Ya fighter.

  1. Jockaranda

Just simply horrendous!

  1. Waterproof pants

Apart from the terrible design, there's just not enough red in Watford kits these days.

  1. Elton

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ? Another case of a manufacturer trying to different and completely messing it up . Who ever designed that deserves a " Rocket Man "

  1. Der K


  1. Russel1311

Boom! Love it, why not. People moan about the boring ‘simplistic’ designs, this is striking and different. In a world of Nike/Adidas domination, nothing else looks like this. Also good to see Kelme breaking into English football.

  1. Scotsleaf    Russel1311

Agree.. first thought was WTF..but looking at pictures changed my mind..if this was a Dortmund kit people would be drooling over it..

  1. Boooooooooo

AWFUL one of the worst kits I've ever had this displeasure of laying my eyes on.

  1. Mark

Oh dear ?

  1. rigger67

This is a rip-off of a classic Kaiser Chiefs shirt from about a decade ago. Theirs was a richer, golden yellow with pure black and had much chunkier "beams" emanating from the badge.
Watford's, by comparison, looks like a washed-out photocopy of the original and is awful anyway but much, much worse if you know the shirt that inspired it.

Shoddy tribute shirt.

  1. Dicky    rigger67

I can't recall Ricky Wilson and the boys wearing a shirt like this......

  1. rigger67    Dicky

Arf !

  1. John Elton    rigger67

I predict a riot !!!

  1. Malky

Great kit, but I have to agree with a previous comment of maybe a bit of red somewhere would be nice even if it was just the numbers.

  1. Kitman    Malky

The numbers are red

  1. That Endean Goal

I really like it, as a Watford fan I was getting tired of the Adidas template kits. Too many lazy designers these days - so someone comes along with something unique and it becomes a marmite shirt, you love it or you really don't. That's OK, but let's try and keep it polite and friendly in these troubling times.

  1. forest phil

just had to double check the calendar to see if it was April Fools Day....that is horrendous and it deserves to be worn by a team that treats its managers like dogdirt !

  1. Fabian

What a crock of shit and yes red seems to be being eliminated from Watfords kit , more of a Hull City venture

  1. Cuthbert

Prefer Walsall away kit

  1. Kenilworth the Cat

Joke shirt for a joke club. It will become known amongst yellow bellies as ‘the relegation to league one’ shirt’.

  1. Kenilworth the Cat    Luton Hornet

Yeah you’d love oscar wilde in your parlour wouldn’t you?


Homophobic as well as pathologically racist.


  1. Cyril Guts

Spectacular. Just when you think the Club has hit rock bottom, they pull another rabbit from the hat. A triumph of tastelessness & ineptitude.

And look at the shoulder fabric! It resembles the 50 for 99p Value Bin Liners sold by Aldi. I can only hope the kit disintegrates just as speedily & the players are forced to shamble about naked.

  1. Big Dave

Relegation Kit, inshallah

  1. Matthew Poke

This is the right way to be bold...unique and very striking! I usually prefer the yellow and red kits rather than yellow and black but this is the best kit Watford have had for years!

  1. Williams

Thank christ we won’t be seeing this monstrosity in the PL this year.

  1. Ew gross

That’s awful. Deserve to get relegated again just for wearing this

  1. Kenilworth the Cat    Luton Hornet

I believe Noam Chomsky has entered the lecture hall...


  1. Edwin D. Large    Luton Hornet

You really do have a way with words. It’s ‘You’ve’, smart arse.

  1. Luton Hornet    Edwin D. Large

I fall upon my sword.

  1. 4XL

Hope they do it in Troy Deeney size this season

  1. Kenilworth the Cat

Perfect kit for the trophyless ones/Udinese B....

  1. VillaFan

The ultimate sponsor, manufacturer sell out kit, hope you don't have to fall on your sword if you lose a game.

  1. Moose

Nasty, who on earth within the club OKs this design.....the design team needs sacking!

  1. Hereford Bull

It will definitely blind the opposition under floodlights!

  1. It333


  1. Ross Jenkins

Relegation did not leave them in good stead. Kit designers gone mad!

  1. Anders

Quite like this, its a bit noisy with the sponsor on top but at least it’s a bit different, what’s bugging me though is that the badge seems to be a little off to the left of where it should be

  1. Tractorman

Wow. That's really, really awful. Shockingly bad.

  1. BaddersTUFC

Embarrassingly bad. They deserved to be relegated if they are going to keep coming out with these horrid versions of a Burton Albion kit.

I'm not even a Watford fan but how I hanker for the days when they wore yellow and red in the days of Elton John and Graham Taylor.

  1. Togga2112

Oh boy! I really hope Watford draw Port Vale in the cup. That would be migraine inducing

  1. WATPGhost15

Horrible and Made in China kit... Watvirusford.

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