Wolves and Adidas revealed their new home kit for the 20/21 season.

The shirts, sponsored by ManBetX, feature a tonal front graphic and are made from moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric. Furthermore, they display a ribbed V-neck, black sleeves and a plain gold back.

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As always, the black shorts show the Wolves crest on the right leg, a gold adidas logo on the left and gold adidas stripes running down the side of both legs.

As for the socks, they have strategically placed mesh ventilation to keep you cool on the pitch and are designed to offer a locked-in fit and greater comfort.

View the: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2020-21 Away Kit

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  1. Brian

They just need to modernize that badge the way PSG, Nante, Monaco, Juve, Bordeaux et al have done. The shirts behind Brighton as far as the best in the PL

  1. Goldie23    Brian

your joking surely?

  1. Der K    Brian

You cannot be serious. That's the best badge in England.

  1. Footballfan    Der K

OMG you think that's the best badge in England , its the most childlike badge i have ever seen, there are loads way better such as:

Man City

  1. bobant

Really nice, but ruined by the big blocks on the arm, little trim would have been perfect.

  1. Get Shirty

Very nice, proper Old Gold, not sure about the comments surrounding the badge, personally I think it's very good, in my mind it shows exactly who the club are, Wolves, straight to the point and uncomplicated. Good kit.

  1. Sully    Get Shirty

Proper gold , need to get to spec savers Shirty that's orange

  1. Norman

Looks a bit cheap , which of course it won't be . .Preferred last year's ( 19-20 ) .

  1. Eric

If anything, black trim around that logo would be cleaner. Don't change the badge. Other teams could learn a thing or two. Glad Jimenez is in the photo, like Auba was for Arsenal. Good signs if you're a fan of either club.

  1. It333

It could have been a classic shirt with a normal looking sponsor.

  1. Radiohead3

sorry Wolves that is a shocker of a football shirt, without a doubt the worst in the PL so far

  1. Trueblue

Orange and black kit, I feel sick and I have to agree that the badge needs m major redesign looks like somthing a kid designed in school 30 years ago. I know that will not be popular but I does.

  1. Bat674

Looks cheap and nasty

  1. Big Jesus Trashcan

I think it's very very nice and there's nowt wrong with the badge

  1. Notts    Big Jesus Trashcan

Very very nice , do you work for addidas?

  1. Fill !!!    Notts

Do you come from Knottingham ? Sorry Adidas is difficult to spell .

  1. Notts    Fill !!!

Lol so what it still looks crap

  1. VillaFan

Not one of your best, bit fussy with too much going on

  1. Andy Grays Perm

Wolves & Norwich City don’t have their name, date founded within the badge, which does offset it from others, which I like.

Are there others?

  1. Mr Tickle    Andy Grays Perm

Derby but a ram will never be as good as the wolf

  1. Andy Grays Perm    Mr Tickle

Yes, the Derby badge is another fine example.

  1. Nigel's Aftershave

Adidas using cheap sleeve template this season, it does not go with the rest of the shirt design.

  1. Westinglee

Mpg god what's with that awful pattern. Cheap and nasty basic addidas template lets move on

  1. Sunnyside

Hard luck Wolves, somebody had to win the worst kit of 20/21.

  1. Bob24

It's not that bad actually. I'd like to say the day will soon come where betting sponsorship is outlawed (like tobacco and alcohol sponsorship were), but all we'll then get is an influx of sponsors offering things like takeaway delivery apps, forex apps and questionable investment funds linked to dubious regimes.


The sleeves are awful. They look like something your Nan knitted on Christmas Eve to make sure they fitted a quickly growing 13 year old. Adidas templates, awful and soooo unoriginal. Twix anyone?

  1. Tractorman

Ecchhh. This is a big mistake after a couple of very decent kits for Wolves from adidas, Way too fussy, and the pattern on the body makes it look cheap and nasty. Boooooo.

  1. HR74

Like it. Adidas is disappointing me these last years, but this one is at least much better than the previous ones.

  1. Derek Parkin

The black sleeves spoiled the design.

  1. Togga2112

Hull City 1980s anyone? This is horrible on every level. The black upper sleeve makes it looks cheap. The pattern in the weave is horrible. That sponsor logo would ruin any top but just a plain shirt with black Adidas stripes might have helped.

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