Senegal 2014 Puma Away Football Shirt

The images herein show the new Senegal Away football shirt, by Puma, to be worn when required throughout 2014. The green shirt is complemented with traditionally-styled yellow and red patterned patches on the shoulders and cuffs, and a yellow Puma…

Fluminense 2014 adidas Away Football Kit

Pictured is the new Fluminense Away football shirt and kit, by adidas, to be worn by the Brazilian side in their 2014 campaigns. The predominantly white shirt is complemented with two vertical stripes - in red and green - to complete the "tricolour"…

Hearts 14/15 Adidas Home Football Kit

The images here show the new Heart of Midlothian 2014-15 season adidas Home football shirt and kit. The inspiration for the new kit comes from the famous team from 1914-15 who went into active service in the Great War.


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