adidas PRIME 2012 MLS match ball

Adidas and Major League Soccer unveiled the adidas PRIME, the new official match ball for the 2012 MLS season, which will be available here.

Designed to improve accuracy, consistency and performance in all conditions, the PRIME is created exclusively for MLS with a unique graphic design and will be used by all 19 clubs beginning in 2012.

The adidas PRIME’s new panel design provides more accurate and consistent ball movement to support the modern soccer game which is faster than ever.  The Prime also features a matte finish for better grip and improved sealing for better performance in all weather conditions.

“We worked directly with both field players and goalies to rigorously develop a ball with the truest and most stable flight path,” said Ernesto Bruce, MLS manager for adidas.

The PRIME features the official blue, green and white colors of MLS and a unique graphic design inspired by the handles and shape of the Philip F. Anschutz trophy, awarded to the MLS Cup champion.

adidas PRIME 2012 MLS match ball


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  1. zoran

Aaa, you have drawn a laptop. But it looks like it's broken. And the two squares are mousepads? Why do you need them for laptop?

  1. Joe Barbieri

Zoran<br /><br />: : : :

  1. maciel

Zoran:<br />kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk<br /><br />CelticfcGhirl:<br />Comeback to the kindergarten, NOW!!

  1. Guest

hi its beeb again<br />like i said before if u are a true celtic fan u will take these down &amp; stop embarssing our club...<br />if u dont then we know ur a hun

  1. Guest

this is unbelievably gash<br />run into a knife!<br />p.s. davie cooper&#039;s head went BANG

  1. tom

:L looks like an alien

  1. zoran

in kindergarten are laptops? they don&#039;t play with toys anymore? why give to three years old child a laptop?

  1. Avene Nicolson

wtf<br />gay boys

  1. Joe Barbieri

Give up and go home you slag

  1. Andrew Macpherson

again the worst designer on FSC

  1. Avene Nicolson

its not me who makes them you shit heads its my freind dale

  1. Guest

What is it?

  1. Guest

...your friend dale is a shithead

  1. Dylan Keenan

u sure dale exists?<br />i mean - have you got scysofrenia or a split personality...or do u have to blame it on sum1 else? - because these designs r &quot;whack&quot; - &quot;Waadooom&quot;

  1. povah

aparently one the shirts u STOLE dale made them BUT NO HU DIDNT U LIL SHIT HEAD

  1. fsc

It's the exact same as the Tango 12 Euro Ball

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