Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Match Ball

Nike introduced the Maxim Hi-Vis ball across Europe’s leading leagues -- the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, which is available here.

The 2012-13 Maxim Hi-Vis ball features a color combination blended together in a unique way to create maximum visual performance and contrast on the pitch. The bold geometric graphic and color combination on the Maxim Hi-Vis creates a strong 'flicker' effect to improve sight of the ball under floodlights or in low-light conditions.

The Hi-Vis ball also features NIKE RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology to allow players to see the ball better and capitalize on split second scoring and passing opportunities.

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In addition to the Hi-Vis innovations, the Maxim features geometric precision technology to distribute pressure evenly across the panels for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike.

Additional performance enhancing innovations include:

- Hand-stitched casing for craftsmanship and durability;

- Durable, lightweight PU casing with micro-grooves stabilizes ball flight to increase efficiency and accuracy;

- Flexible, supple, cross-linked nitrogen-expanded foam provides superior “touch” and a consistent feel in all weather conditions;

- Engineered rubber response layer helps store energy from impact and releases it at launch for enhanced power and speed;

- A layer of polyester support fabric enhances the structure and stability of the ball for long-term performance and durability.


Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Match Ball

Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Match Ball

Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Match Ball








Quoting Hi-Vis-My-Ass:
As if the white ball had such poor visibility. And i agree with "the guy", make it another colour for a change; pink for breast cancer month or orange. Just something other than yellow.

Hey, my last comment was meant for you jackCENSORED


you are an idiot. i dont care about the ball. Its said here that spain, england & italy were the leading leagues. the leading leagues are spain, england and then germany.
Italy is number 4 and under strong pressure of france and portugal.
so get your f u c k i n g facts right and look up the uefa coefficient before you insult anybody B I T C H ! ! !

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