ProEvolution Soccer 2008 the Italian sportswear manufacturer, Errea, created a huge football shirt for Konami and Digital Bros

The Guinness World Record holder for largest football shirt in the world is Italy. ProEvolution Soccer 2008 and the Italian sportswear manufacturer, Errea, created a huge football shirt for Konami and Digital Bros, which was unveiled at the Arena Civica in Milan, Italy.

Following precise measurement by Marco Frigatti of Guinness World Records, the football shirt was officially recognised as being the largest in the world: 68.5 m (224 ft 8 in) wide, excluding the sleeves, and 71 m (233 ft) high.

The football shirt weighed 700 kg (1,543 lb), was made with 6 km (3.7 miles) of fabric, and required 170 km (105.6 miles) of thread, to create a total area of 4,863 m² (52,344 ft²). The new shirt smashed the previous record holder from Mexico, with a shirt measuring 51.32 m x 51.46 m (168 ft 4 in x 168 ft 10 in), achieved on 10 May 2006.

The record was created to celebrate the launch of one of the most loved games in Italy and was linked to a UNICEF initiative to help build schools, provide education materials and train teachers in six African countries. In addition, a number of regular-sized football shirts, autographed by celebrities, were then auctioned to raise funds for the UNICEF project.

This hugely successful event was organised by Brand2Live, itself proud to have created a link between virtual and real sport, and with this brand new Guinness World Record.


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  1. fsc

SPORT RECIFE IS THE BIGGEST TEAM OF THE NORTH SIDE OF BRAZIL:<br />SPORT TRAINING:<br /><;br />ROSSONERI:<br /><;br />WHITE Third:<br /><;br />GK:<br /><;br />BLACK AWAY:<br />

  1. fsc

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! :woohoo: <br />I WANT THEM!!

  1. fsc

THE John Aldridge!!!???

  1. fsc

explaining better<br />comparing brazil to the united kingdom is like this:<br />SPORT RECIFE = CELTIC<br />S?

  1. nicholas dane

Likewise(i am not a graphic design student but I do love the image.)

  1. Guest

its great, the only thing is that next season, when the kappa deal starts, there&#039;s not gonna be any Valencia Experience, changing to Unibet, and that makes a big difference in the shirts look...

  1. Paul - curswine

Hi people, can I just ask that when you rate my stuff that you leave a comment too, I don&#039;t care if it is good or bad, just it would be nice to hear what people think and how I could improve.<br /><br />Thanks,

  1. Angelo Trofa

Hey as a graphic design student, i actually love the way this has been presented. As someone who loves illustration I feel you have done a fantastic job, and presented the design in an eye catching and original way.

  1. Manuel Guerrero

I like your illustration, really nice

  1. Guest

Shirt: 9-10<br />Short: 7<br />Socks: 1-2 (Don&#039;t like the &quot;VALENCIA&quot; at the front)

  1. Paul - curswine

That&#039;s great that a graphic design student digs my work, I was sort of inspired b some great looking music posters and also partly by a Cinco de Mayo bar promotion poster oh and a some Diadora illustrations in a magazine I&#039;-) once seen, and it turned out it worked quite well I think.<br /><br />I&#039;-) heard something about them changing sponsor but I&#039;-) thought I&#039;-) still play it safe and stick with the Valencia Experience, I had tried it with a Toyota logo which I much prefered. I went with the black sleeves from a Valencia kit Nike produced a few seasons ago which when I see in my mind is typical Valencia as it is quite original to see that on the home shirt of a team with black sleeves. Thanks for the comments!

  1. Paul - curswine

Thanks for the input! I was trying to think original but that&#039;s all that could come to mind, and inverted version of the old Nike socks, I must say I do agree with the ratings you give.<br /><br />The shorts I thought should run with the whole simplistic look theme and have just a simple trim and continue the big cuff look. I didn&#039;t think and Adidas type complicated short design would really suit the rest of the shirt.

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