"Should there be an age limit on men wearing football shirts?"

Footballshirtculture.com has been invited to join the radio debate on City Talk 105.9 .The debate will be on Thurs Feb 28, and is titled: "Should there be an age limit on men wearing football shirts?"

It'll be very light hearted, but the presenter Duncan Barkes will discuss if replica shirts should be for boys only. Duncan is a man on a mission. He is on a one man quest to help the right the wrongs, bring justice to those who need it, punish those who deserve it and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

The award-winning City Talk news team brings you the stories as they happen from around the region and the world. From coverage of Rhys Jones tragic death in Croxteth to Liverpool s triumphant comeback in Istanbul their reporters have been there and told the story. With a number of prestigious industry awards already in the bag City Talk news strives to bring you the stories that matter 24 hours a day.

Please give a serious opinion about this question throught the comments below.

James Bailey, the author of the article Football Shirt Culture will join the debate, representing Footballshirtculture.com.


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  1. SeanP

Is this guy for real?<br /><br />Who really cares???????<br /><br />People wear football shirts to either show their loyalty to their club or because, like us they appreciate the historic & aesthetic relavence.<br /><br />I urge Duncan Barkes to concentrate on subjects which really are \"light hearted\", instead of trying to tackle a subject which he clearly has no knowledge on if he has to ask this question.<br /><br />Moron!

  1. fsc

People can wear whatever they want.<br /><br />What gives someone the right to tell others what they should or shouldn\'t wear?

  1. Francesco
  1. fsc

Most men do look stupid in football shirts. The real players don\'t where them outside the games. But it shows your support and helps raise money for the club.

  1. fsc

Football shirt can be a good fashion mode.. it\'s also reflect the latest style in fashion... so, why shouldn\'t people use it for daily activities? I use them....

  1. fsc

Yeah, this news is true.<br />Just checked on the Minhas Camisas website (who actually gave the news and HAS THE RIGHT OF CREDITS IF POSTED HERE) and on the FFF website, and starting on 2011, les bleus gonna wear nike just like their rugby team...<br /><br />http://www.minhascamisas.com.br/wordpress/2008/02/22/franca-troca-adidas-por-nike/<;br /><br />http://www.fff.fr/actu/425709.shtml<;br /><br />gently I ask that, if you from FSC post it here as an official news, dont forget to consider the original source,ok?<br /><br />greetings from Brazil...<br />=)

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