Montpellier 14/15 Nike 40th Anniversary Home Football Kit


French side Montpellier Hérault Sport Club have revealed their new, 40th anniversary Home football shirt and kit, by Nike, for the 2014-15 season.

The new shirt, with a yoke-cum-chevron and sleeves in navy blue, is otherwise orange and carries several sponsorships and slogans, as well as the special 40th anniversary crest, which marks 40 years since the club's formation in 1974.

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Zenit Saint Petersburg 14/15 Nike Home Football Shirt


Russian club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg have launched their new, 2014-15 season Home football shirt, by Nike.

The classically-styled shirt features two tones of blue, the darker version on the tailored, club-style button-up collar and on the cuffs. The Nike Swoosh logo, crest and Gazprom sponsor's logo all appear in white.

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Zenit Saint Petersburg 14/15 Nike Away Football Shirt


This is the new FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Away football shirt, by Nike, to be worn when required in the 2014-15 Russian season.

The white shirt is complemented with a neat halved V-neck collar, with a darker blue section and a lighter part opposite. This is echoed on a equally segmented sash effect, on which the white Nike Swoosh logo is mounted and the Gazprom sponsor runs across. This feature is based on a military uniform belt worn by Peter the Great's army.

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Inter Milan 14/15 Nike Home Football Kit


FC Internazionale Milan have launched their new 2014-15 season Home shirt and kit, by Nike.

As a drastic departure from the Nerazzuri's generally recognisable look, the black and blue now appears in the form of the latter appearing as thin pinstripes on the dark backdrop. The shirt has a classic, neat, tailored cutaway collar, with blue and black cuffs. The logo of club sponsor, Pirelli, appears in white.

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Fiorentina 14/15 Joma Home Football Shirt


Fiorentina, of the Italian 'Serie A' top flight, have launched their new Home football shirt, by Joma, for the 2014-15 season.

In the classic purple, the shirt is complemented with gold trim, boldly applied on the sides, shoulders, collar and cuffs. On the underside of the cuffs is, in Italian, the legend "We have eleven athletes and one heart" and the Joma logos appear in white.

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Fiorentina 14/15 Joma Away Football Shirt


Italian Serie A club Fiorentina have unveiled their new, 2014-15 season Joma Away football shirt.

In white, the shirt features the familiar purple embellishments, coming this time in the form of bold segments of the oversized sleeve cuffs, the larger proportion of the neat roundneck collar and flashes on the sides, chest and shoulders. The Joma 'J' logos are in black on the shoulders with the wordmark similarly coloured on the chest.

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Fiorentina 14/15 Joma Third Football Shirt


This is the new Fiorentina Third football shirt, by Joma, to be worn in the upcoming 2014-15 Italian Serie A season.

In black, trimmed with gold and purple, the shirt features a neat, partitioned roundneck collar, and purple cuffs trimmed with gold. The Joma 'J' logo appears on the shoulders, with gold flashes up the sides and the Joma main wordmark logo on the centre of the chest in white.

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Celtic 14/15 Nike Third Football Kit


This is the new Celtic Third football shirt and kit, for the 2014-15 season, by Nike.

The Scottish Champions' shirt, which features a gold chest band trimmed in green - a nod to Irish origins - is white and has a neat, minimalist collar. The short-sleeved version has green cuffs, whilst this element is completely missing from the long-sleeved equivalent. Club sponsor Magners has its logo in black and white on the front.

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