This is the new C.D. Guadalajara (Chivas) Away kit by adidas.

The denim-styled tonal blue hoop design is complented by an off-white collar and stripes and worn with matching light shorts and hooped socks.


This is the new Colo-Colo 2014 Home shirt by Under Armour.

The shirt is in the traditional white with black detailing and trim and, like the Away, can be worn with black or white shorts - black as first choice - and white or black socks.


This is the new Racing Club de Avellaneda Home shirt by Topper, to be worn throughout 2014.

The traditional sky blue and white stripes of the Argentine club are complemented with an embossed image of "El Cilindro" (the side's Estadio Juan Domingo Perón) in the centre of the chest and Owl motifs on each sleeve along with the usual "dueño de una pasión" legend across the front.

Frontline Football


This is the new Tigres UANL Home shirt and kit by adidas.

The gold - with blue details and trim - shirt follows the trend of the recent adidas templates and is combined with gold shorts and socks.


These images are believed to accurately depict the new Japan Away football kit by adidas, to be taken to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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The impressions are provided via and show a luminous shirt with blue details and a rising sun embossed watermark design.  The reverse of the shirt is believed to carry a similar paintstroke of a contrasting tone of red, similar to that of the Home kit.