This is the new Russia Home kit, to be worn during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil which will be available here.

The kit is in the recently-traditional all red, this time with two main shades, with gold details and stylised Russian flags on the sleeves and on the upper back.  The 3D effect watermark is the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, which houses the Memorial Museum of Astronautics in Moscow - a nod to Russia's proud history in space exploration.


This image appears to show the new adidas Sweden Home shirt, to be worn throughout 2014.

The German manufacturer's second kit for the Swedes, since the two organisations' partnership was reestablished, is in the usual yellow and blue (yellow shirt, blue shorts) with the shirt embellished with blue roundneck collar and cuffs and a blue bar across the chest, complemented with a red pinstripe.  We believe the cuff also carries a Swedish flag motif and there is a slim blue stripe down each side of the body.  We should also expect the horizontal stripe across the upper back - standard amongst adidas's new international kits.


The new Scotland Home football kit by adidas has been officially unveiled at a special Q&A session with national team manager Gordon Strachan and will be available here.

Confirming our recent leak - and various rumours concerning the design - the shirt is in a navy blue with tartan detailing on the cuffs, silver stripes and monochrome badges, red detailing to the v-neck collar and, as widely reported, a tiny spider embellishment on the lower part of the back.

Germany 2014 adidas World Cup Home Football Shirt

This is the new Germany 2014 Home football shirt made by Adidas which is available here.

The white shirt - which in a break with tradition is likely to be worn with white shorts and socks at the Brazil 2014 World Cup next year - features a gradient red chest chevron and black adidas stripes with silver details and sparing use of yellow/gold.


This is the new Japan football kit by adidas, to be worn throughout 2014 - including the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The shirt is in the traditional blue with a rising sun textured design behind the crest and a flash of a bright red tone across the back.  This detail acts a part of a circle of unity, displayed as a whole by the team as they hunch into a huddle.

Frontline Football


This appears to be the new Scotland Home shirt by adidas, to be worn throughout 2014.

Details regarding the shirt's design have already been released, including the use of tartan details - seen here on the cuffs - the inclusion of the new Scotland crest - seemingly appearing in monochrome silver - and a spider's web pattern on the back, in reference to the legend of Robert the Bruce being inspired by its web-spinning persistence.


This is the new 2013-14 season Grêmio Third shirt by Topper.

The black shirt features white and light blue features and trim - to complete the "tricolour" approach of the club - and can be worn with black shorts and black, white or blue socks.