The Lotto Zhero Gravity Tre, a very lightweight football boot has been designed for speed and in particular, those super fast players who count on sprints and sudden changes of direction to win.

However, unlike most of the high end Lotto models, the Zhero Gravity Tre is not equipped with the Italian company’s Twist’nGo technology which was launched back in 2008 ahead of the European Championships.

The Zhero Gravity Tre is the evolution of the first laceless football boot, the Zhero Gravity, which we first saw during the 2006 World Cup.


Following the Italy 2009 Confederations Cup home kit, these are the brand new Limited Edition Puma king XL Italia football Boots. These boots will be worn by Italian players such as Buffon and Camoranesi during the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa.

XL - the Roman numeral for 40 is a tribute to the 4 decades of football boots that Puma have made for legends such as Pele, Maradonna and Eusebio.

The Puma King Italia Players Bag is also part of the confederations range from Puma to honour the early 30's Italian National team, trained by Vittorio Pozzo (World champion '34, '38, Olympic gold in '36).'


Under Armour Football Boots are already available on pre-order in the USA, the first models in the initial range of football boot from Under Armour will be released in Europe later this summer.

Under Armour was founded in 1995 and is probably best known for the introduction of form-fitting, moisture-wicking performance apparel specifically designed to be worn under sportswear.

The new range of Under Armour football boots have been produced following the company’s forays in to other sports such as American Football, baseball and athletics.


As it stands, the new Adidas F50i TUNiT football boot is still on course for it’s release in June of this year. The Adidas PR machine has already got the ball rolling and one or two images of Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi have surfaced with him wearing the new boots in a Cyan / Running White / Black colourway.

The Adidas F50i are available Here 

First impressions suggest they lack the impactful, striking design of the F50.8 and the sleek running lines of the F50.9 though, that said, they do have a number of modifications worth mentioning.


The new limited edition Umbro England Speciali football boots, of which just 283 will be made, feature the new England crest on the outsole and come complete with a limited edition box and boot care kit.

The boots show a traditional subtle integration of state of the art technologies, including a covered lacing which helps provide total ball control and unparalleled style. Meanwhile, the original Kangaroo leather makes for the ultimate comfort and feel.

If you think that these are the very football boots for you and you’re based in the UK, you might consider buying one of the  50 pairs of the Limited Edition Speciali boot which will be available at Umbro’s Tailored by England store based at Village Undeground, Holywell Lane, London, EC2A 3PQ on 1st April. The store opens at 9am.

Price: £150


Football boot manufacturers are always looking for the ‘extra edge’ that will set their products apart from the rest. With speed in mind, Puma have teamed up with the big boys for their limited edition v1.815 Ferrari boot which was released today.

The high-tech v1.815, with its aerodynamic silhouette, pays homage to Ferrari racing cars and is designed to be one of the lightest and fastest boots on the market.

The Puma AptoLast sets ergonomic and aesthetic benchmarks for football footwear. It conforms to the foot’s natural curvatures and provides a glove-like fit that allows the upper to perfectly mold to the player’s foot.

If you think all of the above sounds impressive, then this could be the boot for you. But be warned, you’ll need a fair bit of cash and some luck. After being in development for over 2 years, the Puma v1.815 Ferrari football boots have retail price of around £250 and only 815 pairs are being made available worldwide from 27th March to coincide with the start of the 2009 Formula 1 Grand Prix season.


Nike has launched the Mercurial Vapor Superfly. The football boot uses Flywire technology and Nike maintains that it will redefine how footwear is made.

Nike Flywire technology utilises high-strength threads that act like cables on a suspension bridge, delivering engineered support precisely where it’s needed. This revolutionary technology transforms how footwear is engineered by reducing the amount of material required for the upper of a football boot to the bare minimum without compromising on durability or integrity and support.

The strength of Nike Flywire technology is created through optimal placement of threads providing support where players need it most, coupled with highly tuned composite upper package that locks the threads in place, allowing the upper to adapt to the motion of the foot. The composite upper package uses an ultra-thin Teijin skin to cover the top of the foot, and together with the Flywire threads locks the foot in place.

The Mercurial Vapor Superfly also incorporates a revolutionary lightweight traction sole plate and a carbon fibre chassis that shave precious grams from the boot, ensuring the player remains quicker than ever without compromising integrity or traction.

Nike assert that the Mercurial Vapor Superfly is their lightest and fastest football boot ever, a fit with the modern game that is now being played faster every season with a need for quicker reactions and acceleration.


Following on from the exclusive images brought you of the Nike Mercurial Vapor V and Nike Vapor Superfly, here’ s the next advancement of the Nike line up, the Tiempo Legend III.

Due for release on 1st July 2009, the Tiempo III is currently being showcased in the latest Nike catalogues in a black and white-volt colourway.

The advertising blurb states that new refinements elevate the football boot to the highest levels of craftsmanship. That’ll no doubt please the current Tiempo II users who include Joe Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Carlos Tevez.


The Nike5 Zoom T-7 (available here) is engineered to help you own futsal. Built around the concept of Create Space, the shoe makes you master of a merciless environment.

Four unique features combine to make you the danger man on the pitch. Play the ball over a challenge with The Scoop, score in a heartbeat with the Toe Punt, make the pass no-one saw coming with the Heel Pass and trap the ball in an instant with Total Control.

Two versions of the Nike Zoom T-7 give you game-winning traction whatever surface you play on – take on the turf with the Zoom CT or work the court with the Zoom FS.

nike-mercurial-vapor-superfly.jpg revealed exactly what the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly will look like ahead of its official launch in just over 2 months time.

Along with the Nike Mercurial Vapor V, one of the most eagerly awaited football boots to be launched this year is the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, the successor to the carbon fibre Vapor SL.

The incorporated Flywire technology is based on a sprint spike concept which caused huge interest when it was introduced in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Already creating quite a buzz in the industry with its revolutionary lightweight construction, the Flywire design is said to be inspired by the cables from a suspension bridge. It basically makes use of a strong Vectran thread arranged in a fan-shaped pattern at anchor points around the shoe.

At the time of the track shoe launch, creator Jay Meschter said: