Made for those who want to have more ability to make the ball spin, the Nike5 Super Skill has everything you need to dominate the futsal court.

produced in 3 colour ways, the Nike5 Super Skill has some innovations such as " spin point ", which provide greater traction, and a sole with damping Zoom Air, to absorb impact.

Nike recently launched the Battle Of Blocks (Batalha Das Quadras) campaign in Brazil.

A championship of outdoor futsal organized by Nike that will reveal the best team in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Last Tuesday, the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup kicked off in the Brazilian capital Brasilia and in Rio de Janeiro.  


The Adidas Copa Mundial has been around since 1979 and to this day remains one of the best selling football boots of all time. Released to coincide with the World Cup qualifying campaign for Spain 1982, the boots carry the "Approved by FIFA" mark on the sole, reflecting the new technology two colour bi-density polyurethane construction of the sole unit.

Adidas produce the Copa Mundial in 2 varieties; the hand stitched Copa Mundial is made at the Adidas factory in Germany (which you can see in the video) and is the boot favoured by professionals, whereas the mass market version is made in Indonesia from lower quality materials.



Earlier in the season, Nike offered people the chance to design match-day boots for their favourite player when Arsenal face Man Utd on 08.11.08.

More than 15,000 boot designs were submitted in just two weeks, with some incredible designs thrown into the mix.

Cesc, William, Theo, Carlos, Wayne and Rio choosed their favourite boot from the ten most popular designs. It wasn’t easy, as the players demanded the best boots possible for the biggest game of the season.

The winners of the design contest will all be at the Emirates when Arsenal take on Man Utd to see their designs on the feet of their heroes.

Take a look at the winning designs :


The Ronaldinho DOIS (named DOIS as this is the second football boot in the range and DOIS means ‘two’ in Ronaldinho’s mother tongue, Portuguese), follows its predecessor the Tiempo Ronaldinho football boot, as the unique offering styled and assisted in design by Ronaldinho himself. 

The Brazilian legend with the toothy grin and phenomenal football skills, is the only footballer in the Nike stable to have his very own collection and football boot, the 10R collection.

See how the designers of Nike were inspired to create the new Ronaldinho Dois Football Boots.

Bigger pictures Here and Here

A player with the unique skills of Theo Walcott appreciates the importance of expressing yourself on the pitch -- whether that's with your flair on the ball, or the boots on your feet.

Check out the designs he and kids from the Kickz community project came up with when they spent a day at NikeTown London's iD Studio.

Watch more Nike ID video's in the video section


Eight years in the making, machine and human tested by experts in Australia and with Celtic and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish as the face of the project, the manufacturer Concave have high hopes for their new football boots which will be launched on to the UK market in the very near future.

Rumours abound as to its alleged performance, make up and look. Apart from a few high placed individuals who know the ins and outs, the exact details of the Concave football boot are being kept a closely guarded secret (or as closely guarded as is possible in this business) before being officially released.

But Footy Boots has gained unique access to the people behind the Concave football boot and they’ll be bringing you exclusive material and images in the days to come.

If you’re a football boot aficionado, general football fan or player, you will get the chance to make your own mind up as to the impact the Concave football boot will have, by visiting Footy Boots over the next couple of weeks.

Frontline Football


This summer, Adidas and the Chinatown soccer club will release their debut footwear collaboration, the top sala CSC. The Chinatown soccer club (CSC) is a semi-organized crew of artists, photographers, skateboarders and designers who meet year-round for friendly soccer matches in New York City's Chinatown. This special edition shoe is a performance lifestyle football boot featuring a custom design on the fairly unknow Top Sala model.

To celebrate the release of the shoe in NYC, Adidas & CSC will host a launch event on the CSC's home turf, where BBQ, drinks and some friendly matches will offer the ideal setting for the spirit of the local club. Furthermore, Adidas and CSC will create a clubhouse in central vienna, Austria, home of the 2008 European championship, which will feature artifacts to showcase the club's history and introduce the club's positive brand of soccer.

The Adidas Top Sala will be released in mid june 2008 at a select distribution of specialty stores worldwide.


Kelme have a reputation for producing football boots at the luxurious and expensive end of the market. If you want to see what's up with these Kelme Swarovski football boots, read all about it at Footy-Boots

Puma King XL unveiled the new Puma King XL, the relaunched football boot from Puma celebrates 40 years of existence. The Puma King XL (XL stands for Roman numeral "40") football boot stands for quality, heritage and tradition. The newest edition includes classic lines and traditional styling, but with updated materials, enhanced features and new design details.

The Puma King celebrates its 40th birthday this year. First introduced in 1968 as the "King Eusébio" to honour Portugal’s legendary Mozambican-born football star Eusébio da Silva Ferreira who was the top scorer at the 1996 World Cup. Over the years, the King became a legend and was worn by legends. The world’s greatest football stars wore the King including Eusébio, Brazil’s Pele, Argentina’s Maradona and Dutch maestro Johan Cruyff. This month the Puma King will be re-launched worldwide with a limited edition collection to celebrate its 40th birthday and will be worn on-field at Euro 2008 by Italy’s Massimo Oddo and Germany’s Thomas Hitzlsperger. Read more about this football boot Here

 new Adidas Predator PowerSwerve colourway have unveiled a new Adidas Predator PowerSwerve tunit colourway, made especially for adidas sponsored players in Austria and Switzerland at Euro 2008.

The new football boot features Predator SMART foam on the strike zone to give extra power, swerve and control - in rigorous testing the boot was found to give 3% more force and 8% more swerve than its predecessor. The foam also adapts and changes to suit the way you kick the ball so you get maximum velocity, or shock adsorption, depending on your needs. The new dynamic PowerPulse insole also now features 40g of ‘Tungsten’ powder - which shifts and spreads weight in the sole to where you need it, behind the exact place of impact with the ball to get total weight transfer.