The Nike5 Zoom T-7 (available here) is engineered to help you own futsal. Built around the concept of Create Space, the shoe makes you master of a merciless environment.

Four unique features combine to make you the danger man on the pitch. Play the ball over a challenge with The Scoop, score in a heartbeat with the Toe Punt, make the pass no-one saw coming with the Heel Pass and trap the ball in an instant with Total Control.

Two versions of the Nike Zoom T-7 give you game-winning traction whatever surface you play on – take on the turf with the Zoom CT or work the court with the Zoom FS.


Footy-Boots.com revealed exactly what the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly will look like ahead of its official launch in just over 2 months time.

Along with the Nike Mercurial Vapor V, one of the most eagerly awaited football boots to be launched this year is the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, the successor to the carbon fibre Vapor SL.

The incorporated Flywire technology is based on a sprint spike concept which caused huge interest when it was introduced in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Already creating quite a buzz in the industry with its revolutionary lightweight construction, the Flywire design is said to be inspired by the cables from a suspension bridge. It basically makes use of a strong Vectran thread arranged in a fan-shaped pattern at anchor points around the shoe.

At the time of the track shoe launch, creator Jay Meschter said:


In all their glory, here they are, the latest football boots from Nike, the Mercurial Vapor V.

After the enormous popularity and success of the Mercurial Vapor IV in 2008, much is expected of the next model to come off the Nike production line in 2009, the Mercurial Vapor V.

Footy-Boots.com brings you an exclusive look-see at what will surely be the big football boot story over the next 12 months or so.

It’s understood that the football boot will available for purchase on 1st April, with pre orders being taken in the FSC Shop in March.

Also in March, we are bound to see a much trumpeted on pitch debut of the football boots and with Cristiano Ronaldo on Nike’s books, it’s expected that he’ll be given the job of first showing them off to the world in a game situation.


These are new Nike Ronaldinho Dois firm ground football boots which celebrate Ronaldinho's club, AC Milan!

The soft, supple k-leather upper is accented by innovative lozenge quilting for maximum support and minimum stretch which also gives these football boots a unique and stylish look in a white/red/black and gold colourway.


Feast your eyes on the Kelme Retro.

According to Footy-Boots.com, information on the Kelme Retro football boot is scarce as is the commercial reasoning for Kelme to go with such a radical retro design.

Though, after having spoken to a few of the creative team, they say it seems that this is very much a ‘labour of love’ by the company who want to pay tribute to the game and players of the past.

One thing they do know is that in keeping with the style of the Kelme Retro, the football boot is made from a distressed leather with some serious cross stitching and has a double quilted lining.

The Retro, which will first be introduced in to the US market, will sell for a price in the region of €100 ($132)


Everything about the adidas adiPURE II (available here) says elegance and class. Featuring the finest materials allowing a natural ball feeling, an embroidered logo on the collar, asymmetrical lacing for a cleaner kicking surface and an adiPURE II sign-off on the outsole plate. This finely crafted football boot is built for the beautiful play of the football purist and provides him with pure comfort.

The adiPure II player knows the game because he loves the game. They are footballers like Kaka, Van Persie, Benzema, and Lampard who inspire their teams with their natural elegance. They are graceful playing in any style, ensuring that it leads to a victory. The authentic style relies on all the timeless, handmade details and elegant design that make a boot pure.

Frontline Football


Here is the most significant innovation in mass customised footwear production…NOMIS has a new innovative technology at its disposal – small runs of customised designs direct onto the leather surface of the boot under the patented Dual Control grip enhancing treatment.

In the past it has been fairly easy to manufacture designs onto synthetic leathers, but only at a screen-printing quality. Now a fully digitised hi-resolution design can be incorporated onto the NOMIS K-leather upper, allowing freedom of design on the best performing and sustainable material for football boots. This beckons a new era of you the athlete becoming a co-designer with NOMIS.


On 17th November it was the Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry. 24 days later, the Vapor Citron made it’s bow, en masse, across a bunch of Champions League games.

And now, here are the latest Vapor colourway which will be available in the UK in early February, but you can pre order now through the FSC Shop and if you are based in North America, get yours here.

The new predominantly charcoal colourway for the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV has already been a great hit with the professionals. Top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Ribery are displaying their sheer skill and speed that will strike fear into many defences with this trendy dynamic boot.


French international Franck Ribery starred in a viral video promoting them and Arsenal striker Niklas Bendtner debuted them in the Premier League before professing that he’d always dreamed of playing in pink football boots.

But has Bendtner’s dream already died and has Franck Ribery followed him by ditching the very product he was pushing just a couple of weeks ago?

Both players decided to turn out in the new Vapor colourway, the Citron as it made its Champions League bow across Europe this week, used by a host of top stars including the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adriano. Cristiano Ronaldo has also trialled the new colourway during a Manchester United training session.

The Citron colourway is available for delivery early next year from 12/01/2009 and the SL version in February. You can pre-order the Mercurial Vapor Citron in the FSC shop while our visitors from North America will be able to buy them here