We are very pleased to announce the winner of DesignFootball.com's latest competion, to design a Middlesbrough Futsal Club's new home kit. 

As usual, the designs were generally of a very high standard and Boro were hugely impressed with what was put forward.  Accordingly, we'll leave it to them to do the honours:

"Middlesbrough Futsal Club, in conjunction with DesignFootball.com, ran a competition to design the club's new strip for 2010-11.  The competition received over 150 entries, with some fantastic and innovative designs, and some awful ones!  A huge thank you to everyone who entered, and special mention to Morgan O'Brien, Ben Biro and Matupeco, who all contributed several fantastic designs. See all the entries here.



Design Middlesbrough Futsal Club’s 2009-2011 home kit

Middlesbrough Futsal Club have teamed up with Sala Sports and DesignFootball.com to bring you a fantastic competition to design Boro’s new home kit as they aim for a place in the UEFA Futsal Cup.

Middlesbrough are one of England’s leading futsal clubs and currently sit at the top of the national league North. They will contest the English title in October against the best teams from the Midlands and South and your design could inspire them to greater things! As well as on the court, they are leading the way in futsal off the pitch, already becoming a recognised brand all over the world, with fans in South America, Asia and Europe.

Sala Sports supply Middlesbrough with their kit from Italian brand Erreà. Fabrizio Taddei of Erreà, a representative of Designfootball.com and the Boro committee will judge the competition and the winner will receive a kit for their team courtesy of Sala Sports. Middlesbrough Futsal Club will also give away a family season ticket for 2010 and the winning design will be presented to you at the first home game at Thornaby Pavilion.

Boro play in navy blue with red trim, colours chosen because of the lion in the town’s civic crest, and designers should stick to a predominantly blue kit.   Football in Middlesbrough has a steep history and with futsal being relatively new to the town, there is nothing wrong with delving into the history of Middlesbrough FC for inspiration as well.

Steevo’s Illustrator Tutorial

Fantasy football kit designs are not in short supply both here on FootballShirtCulture.com and on Designfootball.com. Some great techniques are shown and some excellent tips on how to create designs from templates on PhotoShop.

But I’ve decided to show you an alternative. My tutorial relates to Adobe Illustrator (download Trail @ Adobe Trial Link )http://www.tqlkg.com/hq105h48x20MQRQNTRQMONSTSSST and shows how you can create your own templates for reusing, quick and easy ways to stylishly present your designs and also how the work of a designer is sometimes as much about the client’s requests as it is about our creativity.

I won’t really demonstrate the techniques as others have because I’d recommend videos on YouTube for that kind of guidance. I’ll just show you that you can create effective designs by having the freedom to start from scratch and perfecting your own style.


Firstly, you need to create your basic kit shapes. A handy way to approach this is to use the pen tool and trace the outline on a photograph (there’s lots of videos on YouTube showing this technique) but I generally create my kits by drawing until I’m happy with the proportions. It’s good to have an eye for these things. Play around and you’ll soon get the hang of it.


And the winner is... Well I am not going to give that away just yet, we'll get to that later on, just want to say thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We have had some very interesting and elaborate designs sent in and some quite simplistic too. So again to everyone who uploaded their designs, thank you ever so much and fingers crossed...

Now that little mushy bit is out of the way, onto some of the close runners up, who myself and the 'panel' of judges believe deserve a mention. There was a great deal of delight in visiting DesignFootball every day to see what wonderful works had been created.

Firstly there is this magnificent work by Matupeco. It has a very creative reversible theme, using both modern and traditional Sevilla insignia on either side. In keeping with the theme of modern and bygone on either side of the shirt the font differs from antiquated on one side and a more fresh-looking paint effect on the other. The symbolic dates and script located in different parts of the shirt make it very identifiable to any Sevilla fan and it would most likely be a fans' favourite. The shirt is finished off with a classy ripped look at the bottom, making something of a looking glass effect into the reversed side.


The first Designfootball.com Member kit design competition organized by Curswine is now opened. The winner gets to pick a shirt up to 50 GBP from our friends over at www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk

The team in question this time around is Sevilla FC, a Spanish football club from the Andalusian region. They are in more recent times one of the more successful clubs in Spain, claiming a Copa del Rey in 2007, winning back to back UEFA cup titles in 2006 and 2007 and topping this off with good league finishes and champions league football. More history can be found here.

Sevilla usually play in white shirts, white shorts and. black socks for their home games and this is what I pretty much expect for the competition although designers have free reign over what they publish as entries.

Below are the most recently released Sevilla 09/10 uniforms, and have come under some criticism from users of many football shirt websites as being "cheap" looking and "tacky" just to pick out a few words used in describing them.

Frontline Football


So, long overdue, DesignFootball.com has its second kit design competition. This time with a twist. The English football team Stafford Rangers have asked us to submit designs for consideration for their 2009/10 home and away kits.

The club are already viewing designs from manufacturers but are keen to see what DesignFootball.com members can come up with. If both Stafford Rangers and their chosen manufacturer decide that a design from DF is the most suitable then it will be produced for the playing squad and fans. Should this be the case then the successful designer(s) will receive an example of their shirt as a prize.

We would advise that those looking to enter who are less aware of the club's history should visit the official website to familiarise themselves and gain the best possible chance of tuning into the requirements. The club is seeking professional and contemporary outfits in keeping with their ambitions of once again reaching the heights of their past FA Trophy and FA Cup successes. Maybe the next Stan Collymore could even wear a strip created by a DF designer.

If you wish to enter this competition please read and follow the specifications outlined below. Stafford Rangers Football Club require:


Our famous FSC member Feyeno0rd likes to introduce you to the world of making fantasy football kits (the easy way).

First, we’ll need a couple of things before we can started:

- Adobe Photoshop (free version is available here: Adobe Trial Link http://www.awltovhc.com/image-3430643-10565556 http://www.ftjcfx.com/image-3430724-10565556

- A FMG Live template pack here.

- Or this one

The second and third point can differ based on taste, as there are various options (i.e. SS’08, SS’09, LS’09, FMG’09 and so on).

Feyeno0rd is using the SS’09 templates pack for his tutorial, which is his favourite because SS’09 gets updated with new templates quite often.

So once you have downloaded the above, where to begin?

Visit the Football Kit Design for Dummies by Feyeno0rd



We’re happy to announce www.designfootball.com has been re-launched with enhanced features and new community interface…not to mention it looks much better.

The new site incorporates a number of significant improvements developed on the basis of usability testing and feedback. Improvements include clearer navigation based on the needs of users, much-improved community capabilities and a much clearer design.

Of course, the new DesignFootball site has much of the same things the old version had, like the fantasy kit design gallery, and Review it! but there are some new things. 

The new site also includes:  

Although we will make this as seamless a transition as possible, this re-launch will have some effect on your current accounts, so please update you existing account on designfootball with a new avatar and personal details. 

We hope you'll enjoy some of the new features.