John Devlin, the author of the True Colours books had an exclusive interview with Nike who have actually used his books as reference when researching and pitching new kit designs.

John talks to Stewart Scott-Curran, Apparel Graphic Designer for Licensed Gameday, who work together with the Product Designer to generate innovative concepts and solutions with specific regard to Club and Federation.




We are very pleased to announce that the winner of our competition to design a Nike kit for Poland is Antonio Bordallo with his "Białe Orły" design.

From top to bottom (and certainly front to back) this kit holds originality and classic style in spades and every area gave the judges something to get excited about. 

Firstly, the front of the shirt is bold, simple but incredibly effective.  We saw the Polish flag being incorporated in some form by the vast majority of the entries but we particularly liked how this design's bar effect also combined well with the centred crest, loyal to the flag's impression but also to modern design. 

This coat of arms is positioned similarly when the flag is used for official events so, whilst centred crests aren't for everybody, this kept an element of national authenticity that appeals.  The crest perhaps seems a little higher than is standard but it works and going against the grain is what helps design to evolve. 


Our competition to design a Nike kit for Poland is now closed to new entries.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. With over 200 designs, the amount of submitted entries has been phenomenal and just looking over the designs the quality is absolutely superb.  For the judges, the task of choosing a winner is pretty daunting. 

The winning design will be announced on Sunday (21/12/08) and the designer will be contacted by email so if you don't hear from us then check back here to see who won.  Also, if you didn't enter then don't worry.  There will be a new competition soon where you'll have another opportunity to demonstrate your skills so keep an eye out for that.

Again, thank you from all at and fingers crossed for Sunday.


Now, as announced earlier, the Polish football association has agreed a six-year technical sponsorship deal with Nike.  In layman's terms this means that Poland's next kit will be made by the US manufacturer so we want you to tell us what it should look like.

On you can now find a new category which serves as a section to upload your designs for a Nike Poland kit (with optional description).

We don't care what format they come in, whether created on Photoshop, Paint or simply crayon drawings scanned onto your computer, we just want to see your ideas.  In fact, we want to see them so much that the best design will win £100. (through Paypal!) 

Devalued GBP or not, it's still a hundred squids and we've already seen what you can come up with when you want to so get designing.

The competition will be judged by an entirely impartial panel featuring administrators of DF, FSC and some guest experts and all entries should be in by 18th December 2008.

Entries are preferred to be uploaded in the file type jpg, but other file types are possible too. The decision on the winner will be announced on Sunday 21st December 2008 and will be final. 

Anyway, Forza Polska and good luck!


Finally its time to launch our new website called This website has been set up by to offer a chance for amateur designers to showcase their work in football design.

Based on the popularity of the Fantasy Kit Design section of FSC and the fantasy shirts scattered across football fansite forums worldwide, we knew this was something that was of great interest and Fantasy Kit Design also showed us the talent and imagination that is out there.

Our idea was to give designers a platform from which to expose their work and also create a community where ideas can be shared.  Through galleries, the latest design news, Jay’s blog and the discussion forum we hope to facilitate the formulation of ideas and initiate debate concerning all areas of football design.

Eventually, through links to the football design industries, we also hope to become a stepping stone to a related career for many of our contributors. 

We will cater for all football designers, whether your interest lies simply in creating accurate renditions of existing kits for Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa or your long-term aim is to be working for one of the large football apparel manufacturers, this is the site for you.  Whatever your goal, interest, standard or style, is your site and your designs will make it what it becomes.



Here's another Hall of Shame made by Maire Ofeire.

This week’s number 10 is the Atletico Madrid Nike shirt from 2004. Now sponsored by Kia Motors, between 2003-2005 the Spanish giants bore the name of movie company, Columbia.

Except they didn’t really! Instead of the name “Columbia” various films were instead put on the shirts including XXX, Hellboy and Resident Evil 2.

Most famously the design of the kit was changed to promote Spiderman 2 which was contrary to UEFA rules as the design was too big.


Frontline Football



Coventry 1978. Arsenal 1991. Hull city 1993. These words are enough to strike fear across the football shirt world.


These are not notorious firms of hooligans, nor even the scenes of particularly calamitous defeats. No, they are examples of that most dreadful football kit design disasters who earned their place in football’s Hall of Shame.


Every now and then, some wild-eyed idiot in a club's marketing department gets together with a cack-handed graphic design student to create something awful.

Maire Ofeire, who has a lot of interest in football kit design, will make  a random Top 10 Hall of Shame followed by a random Hall of Fame Top 10 on FSC every week.  

Enjoy part 1..