Here is my prediction for the Barcelona 2019-20 Third kit.

According to leaks, Barça's next third kit will be teal, and, like other Nike third kits for the season, will feature a aesthetics based on 90s kits. This include the old Nike logos, a traditional collar and a 90s-style pattern on the shirt - in this case, one referencing their 1996-97 away kit.

Designfootball member Firman Hendika's fifth "NFL to Soccer" concept is that of the Cincinnati Bengals.

For the home kit, he used black as the base colour. There are tiger skin patterns on the shoulders and sides of the shorts. On the front of the shirt, there is also a tiger skin patterns that is made slightly darker than the background colour. The round collar is inspired by collar used on the Arsenal away kit from the 2017/2018 season.

Here is my prediction for the Barcelona 2019-20 Home kit.

Unlike any other kit from the past, leaks suggest that the next Barcelona home shirt will ditch the traditional stripped look in favour of a chequered pattern. Also, a yellow and red collar - a reference to the Senyera - complete the kit.

Today we bring you the Atlanta Falcons "NFL to Soccer" kit design from DesignFootball member Firman Hendika.

For the home kit, he used a red base for the shirt with the addition of black shoulders and a black v-neck collar. The triangular pattern is inspired by the Atlanta basketball team that plays in the NBA, Atlanta Hawks.

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Sport Apparel Designer/Graphic Designer, Ozan Dolgundag participated in the 2019 K-League Kit Challenge at and designed an alternative kit for FC Seoul. Basis and inspiration of the design is Gwanghwamun Gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is built in 1395 and located in Seoul, Korea.

Here is my prediction for the Arsenal 2019-20 Home kit.

According to leaks, Arsenal's 19/20 home kit will be very traditional, composed by a red shirt with white sleeves. Three white stripes will also be present on the shirt, most likely on the shoulders., I believe there'll be small blue details as well, althought that's not entirely confirmed. m White shorts and socks complete the kit.

Designfootball member Firman Hendika recently started a new project called “NFL to Soccer”, and after his Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills kit concepts, today we bring you the Baltimore Ravens.

For the Baltimore Ravens home kit, he used purple as the base colour of the shirt with the addition of thin gold lines on the sleeves and black shoulders and cuffs. At the front of the shirt, he added a pattern inspired by the Lord Baltimore Flag. The socks feature the same pattern.

Here is my prediction for the Arsenal 2019-20 Away kit.

For the 19/20 away kit, leaks suggest the London team will be wearing a yellow-blue-yellow combination. Also, adidas will bring back the old "Bruised Banana" look from the early 90s, but in a modern way. In my opinion, this "modern" effect will be accomplished by making the designs element a different shade of yellow (creating a sort of "watermark").