Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com, talks to far more renowned kit blogger Les Motherby - of the essential HullCityKits.co.uk - on all things Hull City (of course including THAT kit) and his secondary love of one famous Italian side in particular, and their unique look.

The ever-opinionated Les educates on kits, and elucidates on other matters too - which DesignFootball.com will neither endorse nor dispute. We trust it makes for eventful listening.

DesignFootball.com's resident blogger Jay talks to now renowned football shirt collector Rich Johnson from The Football Attic. As an author/compiler of two books covering his sizeable collection, Rich outlines the ups and downs of shirt and kit collection, with highs including owning incredibly rare pieces of history, and the lows concerning everything from missing out on his Holy Grail to the risk of racking up some serious debt.

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