Cerezo Osaka 2010 Mizuno- football kits

Cerezo Osaka unveiled the new J-League 2010 home and away football kits made by Mizuno. Cerezo's basic kit colour is pink, like the cherry blossom flowers the name is based on.

The team name Cerezo means cherry tree in Spanish, which is also the flower of Ōsaka city. Combination colours have been navy blue and black.

The team, originally called Yanmar Diesel, started in 1957 as the company team of Yanmar and was an original founder of the now-disbanded Japan Soccer League. During the Yanmar Diesel days in the late 1970's to mid-1980's, the kit was an all-red reminiscent of Liverpool F.C.


Bohemian 2010 umbro home kit

This is the Bohemian FC home kit for 2010. The back to back Irish Champions will wear this kit in battle this season. The kit is modeled by Brian Shelley (League of Ireland Player of the Year 2008)

This is not a retro kit, its"a new familiar", ie it gives a nod to the past yet uses the latest materials and sizing to give the player a high performance kit.

The jersey is a flat knit printed polyester and the short is a woven material with a classic red stripe down both sides, the kit is finished off with a black sock with red/black tops and a gold diamond.

Shonan Bellmare 2010 a-line football kits

Shonan Bellmare unveiled their new 2010 J-league home, away and goalkeeper kits made by Italian kit manufacturer A-Line.

The name Bellmare is derived from the Latin "bellum" for "war" and "mare" for "sea". Shonan refers to a coastal area that includes Hiratsuka.

The club was founded in 1968 as Towa Estate Development S.C. in Tochigi city. They were promoted to the Japan Soccer League (JSL) Division 1 in 1972. They changed their name to Fujita Kogyo S.C. when Towa Estate Development gave up the ownership to their parent company Fujita Kogyo, which moved the club to Hiratsuka.

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mexico world cup 2010 adidas away shirt leaked

This seems to be the new Mexico 10/12 away shirt made by Adidas, which will be worn at the World Cup 2010 and available through the FSC Shop.

The new Mexico away kit is not yet officially unveiled, but it's expected the new kit will worn for the first time on March 3 in the match against New Zealand, to be played in Pasadena, California.

Energie Cottbus umbroFC Energie Cottbus announced that it signed a four-year kit deal with Umbro , starting from the 2010/2011 season, lasting until 2013/2014.

"The most English stadium of the 2nd League now gets English clothing and equipment - that fits, "says CEO Frank Duschka of Energie Cottbus on the equipment change.

"The contract with energy Cottbus is the first contract of our new company and therefore of course a bit emotional. We are particularly pleased because we feel the energy of a fresh start " says Jürgen Kiefer, owner of Kiefer Sport GmbH & Co. KG, who represents Umbro exclusively in Germany.

Umbro will equip all teams, including all of the junior team.

Melbourne Victory 2010 reebok football kits

Melbourne Victory revealed the new Reebok home and away shirts it will wear in the upcoming AFC Champions League 2010.

Leading Australian parking operator Care Park will grace the front of the new navy and white shirts, which both feature Melbourne Victory's distinctive V and will be used exclusively in Asia's premier club competition.

"We would also like to welcome Care Park for the ACL and thank Managing Director Robert Belteky and everyone at Care Park for their ongoing support of Melbourne Victory." Melbourne Victory CEO Geoff Miles said.

fc seoul 2010 adidas football kits

FC Seoul unveiled the new 2010 home and away kits made by Adidas. FC Seoul is currently owned by GS Sports, a subsidiary of GS Group. The club is usually considered a powerhouse in the K-League, with the well-known financial backing of the GS Group.

The club was founded on 22 December 1983, and started out in 1984 as Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso Football Club, owned and financially supported by the Lucky-Goldstar Group (now LG Group).

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