Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE Football Boots - 15th Anniversary

In 1998 Nike launched the first Mercurial football boot — a shoe inspired by and designed for an athlete who was playing an entirely new brand of football. The player was Brasilian football phenomenon Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, popularly dubbed "El Fenómeno," but more commonly known as Ronaldo.

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The tagline for the Nike Mercurial launch ad campaign, “Ultralight, so your legs can be as fast as your imagination,” spoke to Ronaldo's unbelievable creativity and speed. Ronaldo not only captured the imagination with his style, speed, skill and instictive eye for a goal, but he also helped reignite the reputation of Brasilian football. His influence continues to guide exceptional players like Neymar as they follow in his footsteps.

Ronaldo is closely associated with the original silver-yellow-blue Nike Mercurial he wore in France during the summer of 1998. Among a field of black and white, the Nike Mercurial stood out for it's sleek shape and colourful, speed-inspired visual design. To celebrate 15 years of the iconic boot, Nike has created a Mercurial Vapor IX inspired by the 1998 design.

“Ronaldo’s impact on the game 15 years ago was immense, and in the run up to 2014, we wanted to celebrate that boot and the man himself. We thought a modern construction of his 1998 boot would be a great commemoration of that moment.” said Phil McCartney, VP of Football Footwear for Nike.

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“In the years since the first Mercurial boot was created, modern construction has allowed for a more refined way of making boots. For example, the original version of this boot was constructed of multiple materials stitched together, McCartney elaborated. "This version is a one-piece, seamless upper as per other Nike Vapor Mercurial IX editions.

In addition to rethinking the construction, the team approached the boot with a 2013 visual in mind. The yellow from the 1998 version is replaced by the distinctive Volt hue that became synonymous with Nike design on the running track in London last summer. The original silver is updated with a metallic finish.

1,998 pairs of the Mercurial IX Special Edition will be available from May 8 at select retailers around the world, including here.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE Football Boots - 15TH Anniversary

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE Football Boots - 15TH Anniversary

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE Football Boots - 15TH Anniversary








Yes, they are a rip off, £300, a price jusitfied by Nike as 'limited edition'... You can buy a pair of the originals (still new) on Ebay for almost the same price.
I used to have the black and blue version, they were amongst my fav boots as a young teenager, right after the black and blue Nike Air GX I had before them.


The R9 anniversary pair Nike did were also class. Rare as rocking horse poop now though. If you can afford it as a collector, they wont lose money. F**k playing in something that costs as much as a holiday though.


Maybe because we were watching football as far back as 1998 (wow!) and remember these classic boots and the legendary player who wore them.

Stuff like that is lost on ignorant retards who've only been following football for five minutes.

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