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Juventus announced a one-season deal with Italian confectioner Balocco to sponsor their away shirt on Monday, almost three months after the competitive season began.

Juve, seventh in Serie A last term, revealed plans in April to have their home and away shirts sponsored by different companies but the season began with only sports betting firm Betclic signed up for the famous black and white home jersey.

The Betclic logo was added to the second kit for an away game last month to cover the fact that a suitable second sponsor had not been found with the club acknowledging "a very difficult economic environment" given the global crisis.

Juventus have had similar problems finding a sponsor for their new 40,000 seater stadium which is due to open on the site of their former Delle Alpi ground for the beginning of next season.

A decision on a stadium sponsor was expected months ago but a club spokeswoman said the process was still ongoing.

The club did not disclose the value of the away team shirt sponsorship.







No, watching Inter and Milan play in the Serie A that season is enough to accuse those teams. Seriously, read any information on it instead of being a bigoted scumbag who only lets British media determine what's proper in the football world. Sky Sports, oh Sky Sports. I'm sure you even think the English national team will being the favorite in The Ukraine and Brazil, which just provides grounds that you do not have the capacity to understand a culture different from your own. And if you think England is such a clean environment for sports, check out the 1964 British betting scandal, or even the early 90's Cricket rigging.


:lol: you're a dumb f u c k george just because juve played serie b proves nothing the whole league was fixed by suits who like you could never play the game without having a heart attack the real players had nothing to do with it and got screwed


Ever hear of a corrupt trial and incorrect verdict? The entire original FIGC investigation and decision are now under review at a sporting tribunal in Napoli. Multiple referees (including Pierluigi Collina and Roberto Rosetti, heard of them?) have testified saying that there was NEVER ANY PRESSURE TO FAVOUR TEAMS. Moggi has presented thousands of new wiretaps (inexplicably dismissed in the original trial) that prove there was open and healthy communication between EVERY director in the league and the referee designators, BUT, the crooked lead investigator in 06 has now said that Inter president Fachetti had dinner at ref designator Bergamo's house and gave him gifts. The evidence is piling up that Inter created this to depose Juve, and the FIGC and Inter may have to pay massive reparations to Juve for the damages of being relegated and forced to sell off most of their best players (Ibra, Thuram, Viera, Emerson, Zambrotta, Cannavaro).

Next time keep your mouth shut when you talk.


George, I assume you're trying to dig salt into the wounds of Juve supporters, or at some point your beloved team was beaten by Juve in the past.

If Juve cheated, they all cheated. If Juve didn't cheat, then no one cheated.

I'm certain scandals of this sort were covered up in countries like Spain, Germany, and England only to preserve whatever economic boom the sport was receiving.

Portugal did the same with Porto, although Pinto da Costa's antics have been revealed in the media.

It bothers me that people have stuff to say about Juve, when they themselves probably root on a team that has some sort of ill-dealings from within the team structures.


They'll use last season's away as a third if they really need it. That's been Juve's tradition for several years now, better than the teams that are putting out 3-4 new kits every year just to make a quick buck.


Quoting ZephyrusXVII:
They'll use last season's away as a third if they really need it. That's been Juve's tradition for several years now, better than the teams that are putting out 3-4 new kits every year just to make a quick buck.

The silver kit?

To be honest silver doesn't provide much differentiation from black and white either, but it is better than wearing plain white at Udinese (whose striped kit is almost plain white backed). I wonder what kit Juve will use at Cesena?

Anyway Juve should go back to blue for their away kit, I always remember them wearing blue if they couldn't wear the stripes.


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