Panatinaikos 07/08 home,away, 3rd , GK made by adidas

Panathinaikos unveiled their new home, away, 3rd and GK kits for the 07/08 season made by Adidas.

Football in Greece, made its appearance in about 1890 but there was no official championship since it was considered as a sport for lower classes. There were some people, though, who had predicted that this sport would eventually become the most popular in Greece. Giorgos Kalafatis, was the one who really believed in football and in December of 1908 at the age of 18, he founded the team that is today called Panathinaikos FC. The president of the team was Alexandros Kalafatis, Yorgos's brother. Yorgos Kalafatis is now considered as the Greek soccer "Father". The name of the club was by then P.O.A. (Podosfairikos Omilos Athinon - Football Club of Athens). The club changed its name twice during the time period of 1910 - 1918.

In 1918 there were two more historical decisions were taken. First of all, it was decided that the official color of the team would be the green, as in most of the matches the players were not using the same outfit. The other decision was about the club's symbol. Panathinaikos until then didn't have any official symbol and it was decided that the "triffili" would be the one. The man who had the idea for it was, Michalis Papazoglou, a great athlete from Constantinople who played for the team of Chalkidona, which had the same symbol. This idea was accepted by the Panathinaikos's Council. Panathinaikos got its final name in May 15, 1924. It was turned to P.A.O. (Panathinaikos Athlitikos Omilos - Panathinaikos Athletic Club).

Panathinaikos became popular almost immediately and soon it's superiority was acknowledged. Greek Authorities for the previously mentioned reasons didn't want football to be played in Greece, but they realized that the fans of that sport were rapidly increasing. Finally they were forced to officially recognize football and the Panathinaikos team. It was one more triumph of George Kalafatis and Panathinaikos.


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  1. fsc

Wow, absolutely love it soooo much

  1. fsc

and the three are beatiful

  1. Agustin

10 could not be better!!! I would buy this right away

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