Paris Saint Germain 2007/2008 Nike football kits maillot

Paris saint Germain unveiled their new home and away Nike kits for the 2007-2008 season.

The Stade Saint-Germain evolved mainly in white until 1970, also, after fusion with the PFC, the club adopts the red and blue colors of Paris associated with the white of Saint-Germain. The first shirt of the PSG in 1970 is red with a white short and blue socks. The white and blue colors are recalled to the collar and the wrists.

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The logo of the club is placed on the heart. In 1970-1971 the logo of the equipment supplier (Le Coq Sportif) is generally not visible (depends of the shirts) while the following season, the logo of the equipment supplier is always visible. Another evolution compared to the shirt of the previous season, the collar is from now on out of V and uniformly blue. In the same way, the wrists are only blue. The white shorts and blue bottoms remain unchanged.

The dressmaker Daniel Hechter enters the club in May 1973 and draws a shirt which becomes a strong symbol of the club. He is composed of a red central vertical bar framed by white edgings, the remainder of the shirt being blue. This shirt claimed "historical" is raised as of the season 1973-1974 in Division 2. The tone of the red and blue evolved, and the dimension of the red central band also. This shirt is always of use today, but he knew a number of attempts at modifications, all rejected by the supporters. A reversed version with dominant red with central vertical bar blue, was of use as second shirt at the end of the years 1970.

Francis Borelli, successor of Daniel Hechter, was the first to try to replace the shirt of Hechter by a white shirt decorated of two fine red and blue bands. Initially second shirt, this white unit was promoted first shirt in 1981 , the shirt of Hechter being in the same time relegated to the row of second shirt. Graphic evolution in 1990 , with stylized an Eiffel Tower replacing the two bars red and blue. This shirt remains of use two seasons and ensures the transition between the Borelli era and the Canal + era. In 1992-1993, the club adopts a white shirt with keys of blue on the shoulders.
The white is abandoned in 1993 with a shirt with red and blue dominant and a central red vertical bar which is geared down on the sides. Called the cover by the supporters, this shirt is quickly replaced since 1994 by a counterpart of the shirt of Hechter. The collar knows variations, but the colors remain identical until 2000. On this date, blue becomes navy blue and the white edgings disappear, causing the anger of the supporters. Being unaware of the requests of its supporters, the club still modifies the shirt in 2001 by reducing the width of the red bar which is shifted on the left. In 2002, the white edgings make their reappearances around the red band still reduced and placed on the left. This shirt is keeped three seasons. In 2005 , return to the historical shirt, to the great joy of the supporters. In 2006 , the red central band is reduced.

The second shirt was mainly white before 1981 then after 1993, between these two dates, the historical shirt was used. To note the use of a gray and white shirt (1999-2000) then of a crimson shirt (since 2007) as second kit.

Le Coq Sportif remains the equipment supplier of the PSG from 1970 to 1975, then Adidas takes over for the season 1975-76, before a return of Le Coq Sportif in 1976-1977. Pony equips the PSG in 1977-78, but Le Coq Sportif recovers the contract of the PSG from 1978 to 1986. Adidas then becomes the equipment supplier of the club until 1989, date of the signature with Nike.


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