Blackburn Rovers fans will be able to snap up the club's exciting new 08/09 away shirt next week. The away kit will be in stock at the Roverstore from 9 o'clock on Thursday (July 24th).

The launch was initially delayed last weekend due to a manufacturing problem involving kit supplier Umbro, but Rovers have succeeded in getting a new date in double quick time.

"We have worked hard, in conjunction with Umbro, to get this new date which can only be good news for everyone concerned," said Simon Williams, head of commercial and marketing at Ewood Park.


"We are very confident that the away shirt will prove a big hit with our supporters and it also provides an early opportunity for people to use the new Points Card* against their purchases.

"The launch of the new home shirt remains on course for mid-August and we will keep everyone informed whenever definite arrangements are agreed."

Rovers first team stars, currently away on a pre-season training camp in Germany, will be in attendance at the home kit launch.

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  1. fsc

Hey, not bad.

  1. dani

With this kit they make me to believe they\'re Everton.

  1. Jeff Dent

But which shirt will they wear when they go to Everton? Their blue home shirt or their blue away one? :huh: <br /><br />Would\'ve made more sense to have this design in red, say.

  1. Chris Ringham

This same \"circumstance beyond their control\" over the launch of the kit happened to everton aswell. And maybe rovers expect the blues to play in their away kit at Goodison? :lol:

  1. fsc

rovers will play in their 3rd kit, last years away, the red/black halves

  1. fsc

It\'s a shame, and annoying, that Nike, Adidas and Umbro have all made proper S#!T kits this last year, including all these new ones, especially Umbro these last couple of years, nothing has really changed and it\'s annoying because I am sad and really into my kits lol! All a load od S#!T!!

  1. fsc

i agree with u dan <br />the kits are a heap of turd this year lol <br />the only nice nike kit was hollands with the flag on the collar part i thought that looked mint!!!<br />i lyked the euro 2004 designes the best i must admit :lol:

  1. fsc

Anyone who thinks that this kit clashes with Everton needs their eyes examining.

  1. fsc

yh it probs wont clash with the everton kit coz everton wear white socks and shorts whereas this strip is all dark blue <br />everton also has a lighter shade of blue

  1. fsc

thats like evertons 3rd from last year, very nice!

  1. fsc

[quote=PirateJim]Would\'ve made more sense to have this design in red, say.[/quote]<br /><br />That\'ll be Rangers change shirt

  1. fsc

umbro kits are rubbish, have been for 10 years.<br />The fact that England still have umbro means i will not buy their shirt- i will certainly not get this- nothing shirt for a nothing club

  1. fsc

hope the new rangers away kit wont look like that

  1. fsc

It seems every umbro away kit has the stripes in the colours of the first kit running down the middle. BORING

  1. fsc

quite nice, cant complain about anything

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

not bad<br />but we havnt had a decent kit maker in years<br />or it would be nice to have a kit that isnt a template that they just change colours for every umbro team

  1. fsc

I love this shirt<br />but i have a feelin´ they made it so they have to use red and black halves next season cos all the fans loved it<br />which i think is a good thing cos i loved that shirt!

  1. fsc

Great shirt, really nice design. Shame about the size of the sponsor, it\'s ironic that Crown Paints, who\'s purpose is to decroate, have managed take the gloss off this good looking kit

  1. Paul - curswine

I usually don&#039;t comment on anything that has used that shitty under texture, but for a Bari kit that is a very nice idea for the design.<br /><br />A bit like what they had a few years ago but done in a nicer way.

  1. Axel

Thanks... <br />by the way is there a place i can get a nice plane template?

  1. fsc

[quote=giovinco]nothing shirt for a nothing club [/quote]<br /><br />A nothing club? <br /><br />Q. Who are the only four teams to have won the Premiership?<br />A. Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea & Man Utd.<br /><br />Well then. ;-)

  1. Jon W


  1. Lukas

haha AWSOME! :

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