The BVB home jersey for the 2008/2009 season was presented today at a press conference

After releasing the Christmas edition and the Cup Final edition 2 weeks ago, the BVB home jersey for the 2008/2009 season was presented today at a press conference. The Nike jersey will have a whole new design with a pinstriped look and a solid yellow color. The V-shaped collar will be in the club´s second traditional color black. The pinstripes along the torso, sleeves and back will give the new home jersey an elegant look reminiscent of the BVB jerseys from the 1980s. The BVB logo with the star designating BVB´s three Bundesliga titles are on the left side of the chest, the Nike swoosh is on the right side of the chest.

The shorts are all black with the BVB logo on the right thigh. However, BVB can also play in all yellow as there is also a set of yellow shorts. The yellow socks, also with black pinstripes going around them, complete the new uniform.

The jersey is made from the Nike Dri-Fit system using innovative and highly functional materials which help the players reach their full potential even under different conditions. Nike Dri-Fit transports perspiration through the jersey material away from the body where it can evaporate, keeping the skin fresh and cool. Additional mesh inlays on the sides and on the back also support the fast relief from perspiration.

The jersey comes in a "body-fit" style, with special emphasis on the athletic build. It is not only shaped to accent the athletic build, but it will also make it more difficult for opponents to slow down a BVB player by pulling his jersey.

The jerseys should go on sale around mid-July at all BVB shops and at partner stores for € 69,95 for adult sizes or € 54,95 for children´s sizes.

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  1. Francesco

4/5<br /><br />Yeah yeah I like it..I love the pigiama design!

  1. fsc

Hang about for two minutes, they\'ll introduce another one.

  1. fsc

Yeah because 3 home kits last season weren\'t enough. Disgraceful.

  1. fsc

great sponsoring, hum...why the hell would they let it be purple??? I mean...we all like money...but somethings are just \'undoable\' purple sponsors in an already pretty ugly yellow and black kit...

  1. fsc

oh...yeah...and just not to leave it\'s got \"Hall of Shame\" written all over it...

  1. fsc

Hooray! I couldn\'t go another month without a new Dortmund kit, i reckon for the next month we should see them in hoops, and then in polka dots, and then in a chequered style and then with no sleeves and then in invisible and then..

  1. fsc

you guys are all really stupid. dortmund have an outstanding rapport with all of their fans, that is why they release all these kits. they know the fans love them and how dedicated they are to the club. we fans will buy the shirt to show our support, most other teams release cup final shirts, and dortmund only released the christmas one because it was probably part of the nike contract.<br /><br />this kit is amazing, and it is getting bought straight away.

  1. fsc

Great kit!!Likin the socks aswell

  1. fsc

i think is one of the best dortmund kits in the last years,i also like the retro touch,now they should get rid of Doll and go for the championship!

  1. fsc

Nike uses the same models as in 2006

  1. fsc

know what, we should get bayerns current manager at the end of season as he knows he is being replaced by jurgen klinsmann.<br />we are good club to reach final of cup.

  1. fsc

Does anyone know how to spell here? All you say are negative, bashing things but you can\'t spell. You should be laughing at yourselves. Pathetic. Get an education..or should I say EduuKashun. :P

  1. fsc

it looks better on klimowicz

  1. fsc

BVB in Finale UEFA CUP!!! :-) ;-)

  1. Jay

Like the bit on the collar.

  1. Guest

the bit in the collar is the first line of the american anthem

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Like we did not already know:roll:: <br />i like the shirt, but seems like it was inspired more by athetico Madrid than the USA 94 shirt.....

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