Cagliari launched the new Home, away and Goalkeeper kits for the 2008/09 season made by Macron. The official red and blue colours of Cagliari mirror those featured on the stemma of Cagliari.

The red parts of the stemma are a reference to the coat of arms of the House of Savoy, a family which was previously the monarchy of Italy and more relevantly to Cagliari in particular, the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The blue part of the stemma features the sky and the sea, also a castle; this is because the old historic center of Cagliari is walled and called the Castello. Due to the use of these colours on their shirt in halves, the club is commonly nicknamed rossoblu.

Cagliari have had several different logo designs during their history, all of which feature the Flag of Sardinia. Usually the badge also features the club colours, if there is a change the main difference has been the colour of the border or the shape.

Currently the badge features an upright-oval which is coloured in blue and red halves, it features the club's name in black. Inside this is an Old French-shaped escutcheon with red and blue halves, with the colours the opposite way around to the outer layer; inside this is the Flag of Sardinia and the club's foundation date, 1920 in black.

Interestingly, the badge was not changed to match the change in the Sardinian flag in 1992, when the moor's heads were turned to the right; in Cagliari logo the heads still look to the left.

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  1. fsc

It\'s not bad, but it\'s not great.<br /><br />3/5

  1. fsc

its classy, i like it a lot

  1. fsc

nice collar at the away shirt...<br /><br /><br />bad sponsor logo at the right chest...

  1. Francesco

3/5<br />It\'s not a bad shirt,but I don\'t like this new deal with Macron,<br />I will miss Umbro,the last year\'s shirt was great. <br />Anyway this is very simple kit,and Cagliari shirt needed simplicity since 2002,when they started to have some not traditional kits in the colours disposition, in example with the sleeves of the same colour of the shirt side they belong.<br /><br />A thing that I still don\'t like is this badge,that has been introduced from Reebok in 96/97.Reebok\'s shirts used to have oval shaped badge (remeber L\'pool?), but they are still using this crappy badge since that season.<br />It\'s a complicated bagde that makes the Sardinia\'s flag being invisible.The Cagliari logo should simply be a white shield, whit the st.George cross and the 4 mori, like it was until 92/93.

  1. fsc

Cagliari has rescinded 4 years Umbro contract for Macron... i was sad for this! :s :s but honestly new shirts aren\'t bad and respect the traditional color disposition in the home shirt

  1. fsc

glad macron have done a better job of these kits, nice design much better than the new leeds kits, the shirts are class :-)

  1. fsc

much better than the new leeds kits by macron , the shirts are class

  1. Marcus

how many shirt sponsors do they need ? . I hate sponsors on kits generally.... and having more than one is really BAD.... I mean.. its a football kit not a billboard... and as much as theres \'nothing I can do about it\' - I just think that it looks CRAP.....<br />Not a bad shirt, by a new and probably rubbish manufacturer....

  1. fsc

i can\'t understand why leeds kits are so bad!!!! i can assure you that last year, in italian serie b, macron kits were the most elegant kits... so, for leeds... very bad work!

  1. fsc

im sure the leeds looking at this are shaking there heads and wondering why there kit is horrible and this is decent :shock:

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