We already showed you a leaked picture a while ago, but today Celtic officially unveiled their new home kit. The new Hoops will go on sale officially from Thursday, August 21, 2008, but supporters can pre-order the kit today.

The kit uses Nike Sphere Dry fabric technology, first used by Nike in national team kits worn in the 2006 World Cup. This technology is designed to enhance player performance by wicking sweat through the material and away from the skin.

The fabric has a three-dimensional design with raised nodes on the underside that lift it away from the players’ bodies to reduce ‘cling’ and allow air to circulate, assisting the body’s own natural evaporation process.

On the inside collar of the shirt, similar to the new gold away kit, are the words: “It’s not the creed nor nationality that counts. It’s the man himself,” a quote from Willie Maley, one of the most iconic figures in the club’s history and words which proudly demonstrate Celtic as a club open to all.

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  1. Sebastian Petersson

Looks good. Not too groundbreaking, clean kit nonetheless.

  1. fsc

:woohoo: Some spazzas have been busy voting...!!!!<br /><br />Nicest Celtic kit in a long time... better than the new Rangers kit.<br /><br />Hartley looks like a Gypo... appropriately

  1. fsc

It looks like a bad knock-off copy of a Celtic shirt, rather than an actual Celtic shirt. If you know what I mean.<br /><br />The great un-washed will soon have the white hoops turned into grey.

  1. fsc

Very bog standard. Companies realise that the gloryhunters that follow Ra Sellick, along with the Huns, Newcastle, Liverpool, Man Utd etc etc will fork out for any old thing as long as its in their club colours, no innovation or even really design required.

  1. fsc

i fink its a nice top tbh...not wile indey da v-neck buh :angry: ...rether have da round neck :cheer:

  1. Sam

lets be honest here, its like that every year there is never new bits of detail or design to it. The only different thing from last years is the v-neck, just another dull kit. <br />Whereas Rangers new kit, although stil obviously blue, its a different design and better.

  1. fsc

differences from last year<br /><br />1. gold nike swoosh<br />2. no lisbon round da celtic badge<br />3. v-neck (green) coller<br />4. celtic n nike on green hoop(usually da white)<br />5. gold trim on sleeve<br /><br />so obviously rovers92...u havent even compared the rwo tops coz i have given u 5 differences :angry: :P

  1. fsc

Yet again a leak that found it\'s way on here turned out to be real. Where are all the numptys that shout \"fake\" now? :lol:<br /><br />I think this one\'s OK, the gold does give it a bit of a different look. Hopefully, the European version of this one won\'t have the hoops completely cut off the back, like last season. That looked weird.

  1. fsc

Great Kit!<br /><br />Its 08/10 Though Lol

  1. Sion

so 88 rangers fans have had a look at it then<br /><br />the kit is fantastic and it keeps in tone with tradition so its good, im sick off people saying \"it\'s just the same\" because its the hoops and we would loose it if they changed it.<br /><br />although our kits tend to look the same at least they are individual, I can thank of quite a few shirts using the same as the rangers kit and no doubt there will be more coming before the new season, how many other teams have nike given our kit to???????????

  1. fsc

omfg the ugliest thing ive ever seen your a disgrace to scotland, what colours on that strip represent scotland ? for christ sake we have the flag on the neck .!

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